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November 1, 2017

Two business owners operating in construction and utilities have joined forces to create an integrated operational management system

Ctrl Hub is a pioneering and exciting North East business, born out of inefficiencies in the construction and utilities industries –not traditionally known for technological innovation.

It provides its clients with an integrated operational management system.

The joint venture partners behind Ctrl Hub are owners of construction and utilities companies, rather than software developers.

Both Colin and Simon are committed to the health and safety of their workers, and share a belief in continuous improvement – looking to enhance working practices, supply chain transparency and industry reputations. It is this shared ideology that has brought them together to create Ctrl Hub.

Ctrl Hub now has its own in-house development team and, at the time of writing, is in the running for the Innovator of the Year title at Dynamites 17 Awards.

Colin is managing director of Shaw Construction Management as well as a director of Ctrl Hub.

He explains some of the frustrations and issues that led to the creation of the system: “Health and safety legislation has placed a growing administrative burden on companies, and an increasing level of risk and liability at board level. Working practices and technology haven’t caught up. Construction companies are using the same spreadsheet and paper based systems that they were thirty years ago.”

Simon Maughan is managing director of M A Utilities in addition to being a director of Ctrl Hub.

He adds: “As managing director of a company that sends a number of operatives out on site every single day, I want real-time confirmation that every single one of our workers is properly trained and qualified. I want certainty that my operation is compliant, and I want to be able to demonstrate that to my clients, or to the HSE, at any given time. I now have one easy to read dashboard that gives me all of that information.”

The Ctrl Hub system allows a client or employer to track employee training and health and safety records across its entire organisation and supply chain. It provides early warning when certificates or qualifications are about to expire, allowing for proactive management of training and course attendance. It does the same for vehicles, plants and equipment regarding servicing, maintenance and insurance etc.

The initial focus on health and safety compliance has expanded into other operational areas. Paper forms such as risk assessments and hand arm vibration reports are replaced by electronic forms, which are permanently stored against employees, equipment, sites and projects, as relevant.

Electronic folders can be created for each job or area within each site. Relevant documents – such as codes of practice, technical and operating instructions, safe systems of work, quality management system documents and operative ICE information – are uploaded to the electronic folder at head office, and are available instantly to operatives on site.

The system is under development to add further functionality such as the ability to talk directly to access gates, so that operatives are only allowed on site if they are competent, qualified and assigned and inducted to that site. It is built in a modular way that allows customers to effectively tailor the system to the specific requirements of their business by selecting the modules that they require.

Ctrl Hub
For a trial of the management system contact: enquiries@ctrl-hub.com

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