Lookers: the new name for Benfield

February 1, 2016

Last month saw the first signs of re-naming Benfield, the North East’s largest motor group, take place across the region

Acquired by Lookers plc in September 2015 and now the second largest motor group in the UK, Benfield’s 30-strong dealerships and retail outlets across the North East, Yorkshire, Cumbria and the West of Scotland are now being renamed Lookers.

Nigel McMinn, managing director of Lookers plc, says: “Customers will now begin to see the first signs of the name-change at our dealerships as the new signage and Lookers re-brand begins to take place.

“Benfield is a strong regional brand, steeped in family values and history. It has therefore been essential, since the acquisition, that our name change and re-brand plans have followed a phased approach to take our customers on a seamless journey to the new Lookers brand and values.

“We said from the outset that the culture between the two businesses was a perfect fit and we are committed to preserving and nurturing this culture as well as putting in place new initiatives and retail standards, which allows our customers to benefit from larger scale investments under the Lookers brand.

“This is an exciting time for Lookers to develop its brand values further across the North East, Yorkshire, Cumbria and the West of Scotland.”

Lookers has already embarked on a comprehensive customer communications and re-branding marketing campaign, including increased television and radio advertising, digital media and outdoor advertising – all promoting Lookers as the new name for Benfield.

Nigel, who worked for Benfield for seven years before joining Lookers, continues: “Lookers and Benfield both originate from family backgrounds and we have carefully designed and targeted the name change and re-brand activity to effectively ‘combine’ the best of the two brands.

“Customer feedback and response has so far been very good and we are all very excited about the new era for Benfield under the Lookers brand.”

The enlarged Lookers group nationwide now represents 31 brands across 160 dealerships nationwide, employing over 8500 staff with a turnover of over £4 billion and selling over 200,000 cars per annum.


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