Make it your resolution to be a better boss 

January 2, 2018

Beth Brierley-Jones, managing director of property and construction sector specialists Brierley J Recruitment and chair of the Women in Property’s North East committee, highlights some of the ways you can be a more effective employer in 2018

The New Year is often a time for fresh starts and new challenges and, like every New Year gone by, the arrival of 2018 will see a renewed pool of talent join the recruitment market. Jobseekers, motivated by the turning of the new calendar, will be searching for thriving businesses and hunting down the choicest career roles in a bid to fulfil their resolutions.

It’s also the ideal time for employers to commit to improve themselves, too. After all, if you’re a great boss, it’s less likely that your existing staff will want to move on elsewhere. In addition, if you’re looking to recruit this year, you’ll make yourself and your business very appealing to this new wave of super-enthusiastic candidates. So, how can you be a better boss? Here are my top tips:

Build a positive workplace 

Be nice, be polite and try to inspire your workforce daily. Don’t lose touch with your team and instead be a supportive employer. Listen and provide regular feedback. Adopt an open-door policy and be visible around the office. Spending time with your staff will prevent barriers forming. They will feel more involved, valued and motivated, and will deliver better results. Building a reputation as a great place to work will benefit the business when it’s time to recruit.

Acknowledge and reward 

Recognise and praise individuals for their clever ideas, productivity and commitment. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way in motivating people. Also provide development and promotion opportunities – filling vacancies from within your business, with staff who already fit with your culture, can achieve time and cost efficiencies; it also motivates staff and improves staff retention.

Appreciate and understand the diversity in your workforce 

A team with diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills brings greater understanding, innovation and creativity. But what drives and motivates each team member – and the way they communicate – will also be broad-ranging. Listen to, observe and learn about your staff’s personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses – understand what stimulates them and the way they interact. Communicating with your staff in a way that feels familiar and comfortable for them will make it easier for you to convey job expectations and identify where support, training or additional resource may be needed.

Make it your mission in 2018 to build your business as a great company to work for, starting with your own resolution to be a better boss.

Brierley J Recruitment
Brierley J Recruitment delivers recruitment solutions for the construction and property sector, including executive search and selection, professional networking, head hunting, database, press and online advertising. For more information, contact Beth on:

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