Maximising ROI on your marketing

July 19, 2016

Established in 2002, Guerilla is an independent, award-winning communications and marketing agency based in Newcastle. Here, its account director, Rachel Bearryman, shares the best ways to ensure a return on your marketing spend

The most important number in marketing is the ROI (return on investment). At the heart of your business success is its marketing and your aim is to spend a pre-defined amount of money to get more customers and more money in return. A good marketing strategy always generates profit.


If you fail to plan, plan to fail. A bit clichéd, I know, but it’s true. At Guerilla, we work with our clients to develop a plan that maximises their marketing budget, regardless of its size, based on a fundamental structure of generating brand, product and service awareness alongside a clear plan on generating return on investment. Together, we identify the client’s target market, clarify their aims and objectives and define the most relevant channels of communication, ensuring they have the best chance to succeed and prosper.


People often confuse marketing with advertising. True, advertising is marketing, but it is only one aspect of it; we can often identify more effective and less expensive ways to get your messages to your target audience. More often than not we work with our clients to establish the right mix of marketing channels for them – this could include advertising, but equally PR and social media could also be in there.


Building and maintaining brand awareness is an important part of marketing success. We often get asked: ‘How do I measure the ROI of increased brand awareness?’ As a communications and marketing agency, we need to make the connection between ‘increased brand awareness’ and how that influences purchase decisions and generates sales.


Marketing is a lot more than advertising or selling, it’s about providing an excellent customer experience. Your employees are your ambassadors and can have as much impact on your bottom line as an expensive advertising campaign. We work with clients to support employees, so they understand and buy into the brand promise and can then communicate that to their customers and potential customers. Putting systems in place ensures that customers get a consistent, high quality experience.


Individuals develop and succeed by being good at building relationships, and the same goes for businesses. Its not just sell, sell, sell. We help to put the customer at the centre of your business to build loyalty, gain trust and communicate on a deeper, more emotional level. When you achieve this type of valued relationship with customers, they become advocates, building your customer base by speaking highly about your company, services and products with their circle of friends through reviews and referrals.

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