Monthly report – January 2019

January 2, 2019

New business school to help transform the Tees Valley economy

Teesside University launched its new- look Business School on December 7. Alongside state-of-the art learning facilities and collaborative workspaces, the new Business School will see

companies, ranging from micro-businesses, SMEs to key North-East businesses, using its facilities and working alongside students, sharing knowledge and innovation.

As well as providing opportunities for students
to gain insight into real-world business issues and hone their graduate capabilities, it will also provide a forum for collaboration, helping to build a network of engaged students and employers which will boost graduate level job opportunities, keeping key skills and knowledge within the region.

Teesside University Business School has highlighted scale up support as a key strand of
its activity and has introduced a programme for business leaders called Leap 50, which focuses on supporting leaders and organisations through the business scale-up process.

It is estimated that the school will enhance the £76 million per annum GVA generated across the Tees Valley and North East by the university’s knowledge transfer and business collaboration activities.

This figure comes from an economic impact assessment carried out by New Skills Consulting which analysed data from the Higher Education Business and Communities Interaction Survey (HEBCIS) that revealed in 2016/17, the GVA generated by knowledge transfer activity by Teesside University amounted to £17.7 million in the Tees Valley and £11.5 million in the wider North East. Taking into account the longer-term impact of some of this activity, this would equate to £45.7 million in the Tees Valley and £30.1 million in the wider North East.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Croney said at the opening: “Teesside University is an anchor institution, driving economic growth through the development of people, business support and innovation.

“The Business School is a fundamental catalyst for the region and also a significant player on the international stage, developing the leaders and managers of the future in countries including Sri Lanka, Singapore, Sweden and the Czech Republic.”

Teesside University Business School

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