Muckle makes key appointment  

October 3, 2018

Alex Blenkinsop, a contentious trusts and probate specialist, has been promoted to lead the law firm’s advice on trusts and inheritance disputes

A lawyer who recently became an associate member of ACTAPS (the Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists) has been promoted to a new role at North East independent law firm for businesses, Muckle LLP.

Alex Blenkinsop is one of only very few lawyers in the region to become an associate member of ACTAPS and after successfully completing the challenging two-year course, she will now lead Muckle LLP’s contentious trusts and probate service.

Muckle already offers a dedicated private client service to business owners, senior executives, professionals and other wealthy individuals, providing advice on all aspects of estate planning, including wills, succession, inheritance tax, family trusts, powers of attorney and probate. The strengthening of its contentious probate service will complement that offering.

ACTAPS membership is essential to ensure that disputes over trusts, administration of estates and inheritance issues are handled correctly.

Alex says: “I am excited to become an associate member of ACTAPS and to lead Muckle LLP’s contentious trusts and probate service. Different rules apply to probate claims and there are many complex areas to consider when contemplating a probate or trust claim, which can be very costly if overlooked or misjudged.

“Issuing an inappropriate claim, for example, can not only result in loss, it can lead to an order to pay the other parties’ legal costs as well as your own. It is therefore essential to instruct someone who is fully qualified to deal with your probate disputes and has a clear understanding of the rules and complexities of a claim or dispute.”

Susan Howe, who leads Muckle LLP’s dispute resolution team, says: “I am delighted that Alex has taken on this specialist role within our team. This is a highly-skilled area and I cannot understate the importance of engaging a specialist when dealing with potentially contentious trust and probate issues including the correct distribution of estates and personal wealth.”

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