National social media agency moves into new North East HQ 

September 1, 2018

Meet the results-driven agency disrupting your news feed

The Social Co. was founded by Phil Sutcliffe, Kane Haig  and  James Ogilvie in April 2016 and the Durham-based company has since provided innovative social media marketing to more than 200 businesses across the UK. We caught up with them to find out more…

When and why did you establish The Social Co.

James: Having previously founded a national events company – which was the first venture we joined forces on – we not only recognised the importance of having a great social media presence but we learned first-hand how to exploit the platforms to their full potential. After a successful six years in events working all over the UK and using social media as our main form of marketing, we soon realised there was a huge gap in the market for a social media-first agency to provide professional, results driven social media strategies and campaigns for other businesses – so The Social Co. was born.

What services do you offer and to whom?

Phil: The Social Co. is a social media one-stop-shop offering a package based service consisting of social media advertising, social media management, creative media production and design all backed up with traceable results through analytics.
Kane:  We often find clients in the past have ineffectively used social media for their business and turn to us for a professional, all-inclusive service which drives the results they need. In just two years we’ve established ourselves as leaders within our sector and now work with clients such as Audi, VW, Citroën, Esh Group, Sunderland AFC and Blueline Taxis to name but a few. We also recently covered Sting’s return to the North East with the Graham Wylie Foundation.”

Tell me about the expertise within the team?

Phil: The Social Co. as a machine is made up of a number of cogs, including media, design, social media management and business development. We entrust talented individuals within each department to deliver the best quality of work in their field, which combined achieves the great results and service we are collectively known for.
Kane: When it comes to education and experience, there are a mix of backgrounds in the agency. A lot of the skills we have present have been self-taught out of passion and curiosity combined with others who have joined us with high-level university degrees. We also have individuals who have joined from large business corporations and agencies. You never leave the office without learning a new hack!

What are the current trends in social media and how is The Social Co. embracing these for its clients?

James: Unlike a lot of other forms of marketing, social media changes daily. As a team we are constantly on the lookout of the latest updates to each platform to ensure we’re utilising new features for our clients.
Phil: It’s no secret that Facebook favours video in terms of organic content so we’re finding more and more exciting ways to incorporate this with with animation, 360 video, drone footage and other innovative technology.

What are you short- and long-term plans for the company?

James: Short-term, we’re rapidly growing our team and have just moved into our brand new offices in Durham which has been a huge milestone for us and one we’re really proud of. Long-term, our aim is to keep building the business and expanding our client base nationally and internationally, and in the process establishing ourselves as the leading social media specialist agency in the UK.

The Social Co.

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