People powered business: the difference between good and great

March 5, 2020

The impact of technology on the workforce may be huge but it’s your people who are the differentiators, says Lyndsey Morrison, founder and director of Newcastle-based event organisers The Projects Studio Ltd, ahead of this year’s People Power conference

It’s fair to say that technology has taken centre stage in the advancement and the success of businesses today with companies frequently looking towards new and innovative technologies to position themselves ahead of their competitors and future-proof their business.

The likely impact of technology and automation on the global workforce is significant, with machines expected to take on at least some tasks within most job roles and automation estimated to boost productivity in the workplace by up to 40 per cent, according to a report by Accenture.

However, in this digital world, the role of humans in tomorrow’s workforce remains important. In fact, it’s likely that the introduction of new technologies, increasing automation and digitalisation will increase the value of people in a business.

Putting people under the spotlight

It is people who will be responsible for innovation – an increasingly critical function in an age of high frequency change.

They will lead evolving organisations and help them to adapt to changes that technology presents, including new opportunities, competition, customer behaviour and increasing expectations.

As more interactions are digitised, human interactions with partners and customers will have greater value; we will continue to place great value on the trust and communication between people.

It will be your people who will be the differentiator on many aspects of your company’s performance. They will set you apart from the competition and, in effect, be the difference between good and great.

An organisation is only as strong as the collective abilities of those who work there, so just how do you create a truly people powered business that is ready to compete in tomorrow’s world?

As an employer, you have a role to play in developing a culture of innovation, learning and trust, in helping people to continue their personal development and in building a happy and productive workforce.

Recognising the importance of this challenge has led The Projects Studio to organise an event in the North East called People Power. People Power, now in its third year and attended by more than 300 people, is a fully CPD accredited one-day conference, taking place on June 17 at Northumbria University. The event is designed to help boost performance across your organisation – by placing a thriving and engaged workforce at the very heart of your business success.

Supported by Northumbria University, Westray Recruitment Group, Hive HR and nesma, the conference is designed for business leaders and managers who are committed to investing in and developing their people – those businesses who recognise that it is their people who hold the key to their future success, productivity and profitability.

Maureen Wright, from Westray Recruitment Group, which is the headline sponsor of this year’s event, says: “We are proud to be supporting this year’s People Power – which is providing employers in the North East with valuable support and advice on how they can really harness the power of their people and achieve future success.”

The Projects Studio
Tickets for People Power start at £35 (+VAT). Discount for multiple tickets available. For more information, or to book your place at People Power, visit:
0191 580 4005

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