Putting MYMO on the front foot

September 4, 2019

RTC North’s Pathways to Innovation programme helps small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) protect and commercialise new technologies, products, services and processes and access new markets. Just one company that’s benefited from the programme is Mymo Group

Mymo Group founder and managing director Craig Downs contacted RTC North a year ago after a recommendation by an independent consultant. Craig was looking on ways to implement innovation within the business – specifically with regards to their newly-developed product Mymo – and this was when the Pathways 2 Innovation began its support.

Craig said: “We approached RTC North for innovation support, including grant funding for product design, and initially met with Sharon Boyd and Paul Marriott. We sought advice on how to progress the development of a prototype for our new wearable technology in the most cost- effective way but also tap into their network of consultants and suppliers.

“The product we have developed, Mymo, has been future-proofed to be adapted for other markets and sectors including the health sector, and we wanted to understand if this was an area RTC North could assist us with.

Mymo is a wearable sock technology incorporating product design, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, smartphone technology and big data analysis. The sock has embedded electronics which measures a runner’s gait and then uses AI to match their running style to all the latest shoes on the market. It helps consumers to make a much more informed choice when selecting a pair of shoes, giving them confidence that they are wearing the correct type of footwear, which in turn minimises the risk of injury.

Craig added: “RTC North has helped us in a number of ways. Through Paul Marriott’s connections, he set up a meeting with Professor Hubert Shum at Northumbria University and this was the start of a new relationship for us and a major breakthrough in our development. This enabled us to collaborate with Northumbria University to develop the AI Algorithm and gives our product credibility when we take this to market.

“Allan Jeff from RTC suggested some suitable software partners for the development of the smartphone app and database and through a competitive tender, we appointed a supplier recommended by RTC North.

“Like any SME, there is a lot of cash burn at the beginning so access to grants and assistance is always welcome. We were introduced to Karen Moody, who informed us about grant funding streams. Through RTC’s Designing Better Business programme, we were successful in applying and received grant funding towards the development of the software element of our product.

“Within the space of a year, progress has been accelerated quicker than we anticipated thanks to the support we received from RTC North. We are fine-tuning and testing the technology and we are looking to take this to the manufacturing stage with a proposed official launch to market at the end of the year. We have filed a worldwide patent and will initially launch Mymo in the UK. As running is a global sport, our growth plans are to take this product into Europe and the US, and we are already looking at how we can adapt the product for other sports and the health sector.

“We hope to receive continued support from RTC North throughout our journey.”

RTC North

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