Putting people first

January 4, 2016

Kay Lees, HR manager at Perfect Image urges business leaders to put people first, if they want to see success in the new year
It’s natural to reflect on the past year and make plans for the new year now that Christmas is over and we’re into 2016. At Perfect Image, 2015 was another bumper year for us – we’ve achieved so much. From high-profile client wins to strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors, from new appointments to seeing members of staff promoted into new roles, last year was certainly one of the best.

But our continuing success isn’t a case of fate; it’s the result of a carefully crafted team of experts working together to deliver intelligent IT solutions for our customers. Our staff satisfaction survey tells us that people are happy here; they enjoy working for the company in an interesting (and at times challenging!) environment, and that makes all the difference. If your staff are satisfied, they’re prepared to go the extra mile and deliver top-class work, time and again.

We understand the value of our people and invest a lot of time making sure that we have the best people in place across all areas of the business, and then actively promote the growth of our team.

We do this through tailored career development plans, workshops and demos with the vendors we work with, attendance at conferences and events so we can learn from figures-heads in the industry – the list goes on.

Ultimately, the success of any company lies with the people in it. So if you’re looking back at your business and you didn’t achieve what you’d set out to in 2015, make people development a priority if you want to see success this new year.