Burning Issue: What is your reaction to the snap general election? 

May 3, 2017

Sarah Glendinning (pictured)
Regional director (North East), CBI

With the snap election announcement, businesses will be looking to each political party to set out their plans for supporting economic stability and prosperity over the next Parliament in a way that is fair and sustainable for communities all across the UK.

Distraction from the urgent priorities of seeking the best EU deal and improving UK productivity must be kept to a minimum.

North East firms will want to hear commitments from all parties to work in close partnership with business and back a new Industrial Strategy to make the UK economy the most competitive in the world by 2030.

Paul Shields 
Associate partner, Tait Walker

Overall, I think the election is probably a good thing and could eventually bring a little stability and certainty for the business community. It’s important that we at least understand who is going to be leading Brexit negotiations and try to gain some confidence that the trade arrangements made with the EU and other worldwide markets will be positive for the North East and the rest of the country. Hopefully the elected PM will help to support the confidence in the region and help us to make steps in continuing to boost trade and employment.

Sean Bullick 
Chief executive, NE1

With Brexit, our businesses have been consistent in the view that what is required above all else is certainty, and that Government’s utmost priority is to get the best possible deal for the UK as we exit the EU. NE1 is an apolitical organisation and as such, what matters most to our members as an outcome from the general election is greater stability, a unified parliamentary voice and a stronger hand at the negotiating table as Brexit discussions progress.

Newcastle and the North East currently stand to benefit from several policies already in the pipeline, including greater devolution and the expansion of Property Owner BIDs to cities outside of London. We hope that progress in these areas continues at pace, regardless of the general election result.

Jonathan Walker 
Head of policy and campaigns, NEECC

As we prepare for the third national vote in as many years, businesses are growing weary of constant political uncertainty. What this election does provide is the opportunity for all parties to provide a clear statement and vision for our economic future.

To achieve this, we need a sensible debate about the future direction of the country and our region. North East businesses need a stable environment in which to invest, a government that is genuinely committed to encouraging growth in all regions and confidence in our politicians’ ability to navigate us safely through the Brexit process. Let’s hope that more short-term uncertainty leads to long term stability and growth.

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