Recipe of the month: Dobson & Parnell

February 2, 2017

Creel caught langoustines and crispy pig’s cheek with savoy cabbage kimchi and russet apple. Dobson & Parnell is the newest restaurant to open on Newcastle’s Quayside.

Owned by the team behind Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle and Hinnies Restaurant in Whitley Bay, it serves refined British and European food on Queen Street. Here is head chef Troy Terrington’s langoustine and pig’s cheek dish…

Serves 4


8 large langoustines

4 pig cheek nuggets

200g savoy cabbage kimchi

12 slices russet apple

10g micro fennel shoots

2tsp scallop seasoning

50g muscovado sugar

300g reduced langoustine stock

50ml langoustine oil

Salt and pepper


* Remove the heads from the langoustines

* Carefully peel the shell from the tails making sure you keep the end part intact

* Carefully remove the grey digestive tract with a skewer

* Place on a tray and sprinkle generously with the scallop seasoning

* Heat 500ml of rapeseed oil in a large pan

* Fry the langoustine heads until they’re a dark golden colour

* Pour the oil into a container and reserve until needed

* Heat a small frying pan and add the langoustine oil

* Cook the langoustine on a high heat for a minute on each side then remove from the pan

* In the same pan used for the langoustine, oil fry a diced onion, finely diced carrot and celery and two cloves of garlic

* When caramelised add a spoon of tomato paste then add the langoustine heads

* Cook for five mins on a medium-high heat then deglaze with white wine (or Pernod)

* Add a pint of water and reduce

* Add another pint of water and then blend and pass through a fine sieve

* Reduce on a high heat till it coats the back of a spoon

* Heat a small amount in a pan and split it with the langoustine oil

* Season the pig’s cheeks with salt and pepper and then place in a vacuum bag with the muscovado sugar

*Seal the bag and cook overnight in a water bath at 72 degrees celsius. Allow to cool.

*Roll the cooled cheeks in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs

*Fry in langoustine oil till crispy and golden; sprinkle with the scallop seasoning

*To serve, warm the kimchi in the langoustine stock and oil

*Place a tight bundle in the centre of the plate

*Sit the pig’s cheek to one side and drape the langoustine tails over it then dress liberally with the stock and oil

*Garnish with the slices of raw apple and fennel shoots

Dobson & Parnell 
21 Queen Street, Newcastle
0191 221 0904

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