Recipe of the month: Fratello’s Newcastle Airport 

March 21, 2017

Pan-seared rump of lamb with broad beans, peas, fregola, mint and rosemary

Fratello’s is an authentic Italian restaurant located in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at Newcastle International Airport. Here is head chef Richard Swindell’s recipe for Lombata Di Angelo – pan-seared rump of lamb with a warm salad of broad beans, peas, fregola, mint, rosemary and pan jus

Ingredients (serves two) 

3 bone rack of lamb

1 loin of lamb

25g of fregola

1 tbsp of broad beans (shelled)

1 tbsp of peas

5 sun-blush tomatoes

100ml of chicken stock

1 fresh beetroot

1 potato to make fondant potato

Beef stock

Red wine

1 sprig of rosemary

6 mint leaves

Salt and pepper


* Remove the fat from the lamb and pan fry for six minutes, then rest. This will be medium cooked.

* Peel the potato and dice into large chunks. Roast in a medium-heat oven with chicken stock until cooked. Keep a little of the chicken stock for use later.

* To make the pea puree, blend the tablespoon of peas until smooth, and add a dash of chicken stock. Flavour infuse with two mint leaves and pass through a fine sieve, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.

* Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and add the fregola, boil until soft then drain.

* Chop the leftover mint leaves, rosemary and sun-blush tomatoes, then add to the pan of cooked fregola, seasoning to taste.

* Heat the reduced beef stock and red wine to make a red wine jus.

* Cook the fresh beetroot in the oven and puree, passing through a fine sieve, then seasoning accordingly.

* Boil the broad beans until cooked, keeping al dente.

* Place the cooked potato in the centre of a plate and using the back of a dessert spoon garnish the pea puree around the potato.

* Add a portion of the fregola mix to the plate, just off-centre, and place a handful of broad beans on top.

* Carve the lamb loin and lamb rack into cutlets and present on the plate.

* Finish the dish by drizzling the red wine jus around the plate, then add some spots of beetroot syrup.

Fratello’s Newcastle Airport
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