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May 31, 2018

Jonathan Coates has established M Corporate, a passionate, successful and dedicated recruitment company based in Newcastle. M Corporate consists of two brands: R Care delivering to the health and social care arena, with MCorp servicing industrial, technical and commercial clients

Tell me about your background

I grew up in a small town in Yorkshire called Halifax and my family have always been hardworking people – which they have instilled in me. I started my working life at 13 by working three evenings a week after school and then on a Saturday in butcher’s shop. At 18 I left home and worked for the DWP for several years and then Halifax Bank of Scotland, before leaving to renovate some properties. In 2010 I fell into a recruitment role and became very successful in placing temporary workers. I rose through the ranks of a high street company and was offered a secondment to become a branch manager in Durham. I fell in love with the North East and when the call came from my director to head back to Leeds, I decided to find another role and stay in the area.

When and why did you establish M Corporation?

I first came up with the idea for M Corporation in June 2016. I was in a role that I wasn’t particularly enjoying and ended up mentioing my idea to one of my clients. This client also had issues with their current agency supply and the idea of MCorp was born. We decided to create two brands: R Care, for health and social care recruitment and MCorp, for commercial, technical and industrial recruitment. We took R Care to market first.

Tell me about the business and the services M Corporation offers

R Care recruits for the health and social care sector and offers both temporary and contract workforce solutions. This service is also complemented by our permanent resource solution which, essentially, is a candidate finding and placing service where we advertise, source, headhunt, arrange interviews, negotiate and place. MCorp is more focussed towards a permanent resource solution and operates more in the techinal and commercial field. Again, it is a candidate finding and placing service.

What makes M Corporation different to other recruitment agencies?

We are experts in our chosen field, having a combined experience of 47 years. Pooling our knowledge and drawing from our experience and vast resources that we have available makes us one of the most competent recruitment partners in the market. We live and love recruitment, we thrive on getting things right; your need is our passion and challenge.

What are your aspirations for the company?

To maintain our current position as the region’s go-to health and social care provider and to be recognised as a serious player in the market, delivering consistently both to client and candidate while maintain good financial results and growth. Once we are firmly established in the region we want to take the business nationwide in the next four years. Here in Newcastle we have an amazing, committed and engaged group of employees and I would aspire to always have that in the business no matter how large we grow.

Nothing makes me happier or is more engaging and inspirational than having a happy team that love to come to work everyday and give it their best shot, who know that they are accountable, understood and listened to.

M Corporation

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