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October 3, 2018

James Ogilvie, creative director of The Social Co., reveals how the agency goes above and beyond for its clients

What value does an effective social media marketing strategy bring to a business? 

We have clients across such a wide range of sectors and we truly believe that any business can be significantly improved by effective, results-driven social media marketing. The value we bring is huge for any company that is in two minds whether to take out a social media marketing package. As an agency, The Social Co. delivers traceable results to all of our clients. This is done through great content and knowledge of your audiences. Most clients find it hard to see the value in allocating budget to their social platforms, but once they see the ongoing results and brand awareness they receive, a very clear change in opinion occurs. It is often an education process but ultimately a beneficial one.

You’ve been especially busy with the Graham Wylie Foundation. How did this relationship come about, what has the project involved and what have been the results? 
Being fully aware of the fantastic work the charity has been doing across the North East, we offered to support them in any way we could. The foundation is a 100 per cent charity, meaning all of the money donated goes directly to good causes, as Graham himself supports all running costs. We’ve seen first-hand the amazing work Angie [Jenkinson, chief executive], Graham and the team at the foundation do, so it’s great for us to be able to help raise awareness of the foundation’s work through social media and media production for its events. We are proud to be able to help them on their mission and be associated with the charity, educating and inspiring young people across the North East.

The Social Co. recently expanded its team, what skills have the new members of staff brought to the business? 

Our in-house team deliver every service we offer; there is no outsourcing. The new members of the team all bring something slightly different to the table. Our company ethos is to have an expert in every field, so the new members of our team have strengthened each individual department significantly, both in terms of numbers and the quality of the work we produce. Our staff always aim to be as creative, fun and engaging as possible, which is reflected in our campaigns and in our office environment. The Social Co. always look to recruit new staff to compliment what we have already worked hard to create.

What do you think have been the main factors in the company’s growth this year and how are you looking to build on this? 
I believe the main factor for the company’s growth this year is our relationship with our clients, delivering traceable results for each business we deal with. It’s quite clichéd but we really do go above and beyond for each client. We aim to work with every client long term rather than short term, so building a good relationship with every client is crucial. Another huge factor is the all-inclusive package system we have created, which gives the client all the services they need for a results-driven social media strategy via one agency and has proved to be a huge success.

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