RIP – annual employee survey

November 28, 2015

John Ryder, founder and managing director of Hive.HR, which launches in November, is calling time on the annual employee engagement survey

Employee engagement is one of the hot topics in business right now. More than ever, organisations are recognising that they must get even better at engaging their workforces if they are to outperform the competition.

The stats from several large UK studies tell us that on average, only a third of your workforce is engaged – enough to leave a knot in the stomach of most business leaders.

Organisations that are successfully engaging more of their people are reaping the benefits because higher employee retention, improved customer satisfaction, reduced sickness and absenteeism, heightened productivity and increased levels of innovation all translate into sustainable financial growth.

The bottom line is that employee engagement needs to be on your agenda at the very least.

You need to measure it, understand it and improve it. So cue the annual employee engagement survey …

For a long time, the annual employee engagement survey has been a valuable tool in helping to create dialogue, surface problems, launch ideas and provide employees with the voice they’ve more than often wanted.

Yet so many of us have a love/hate relationship with annual engagement surveys because for every pro there seems to be a con: the main perpetrators being that they’re slow, they’re unwieldy and can often fuel employee apathy.

The alternative is Hive.HR; our cloud-based software platform that anonymously micro-surveys your employees once a week, every week.

Think of Hive.HR as an agile, common sense approach that meets the needs of today’s fast moving modern business.

For starters, micro-surveys are a big win for employees because Hive.HR provides a mouthpiece that enables them to have a permanent, anonymous voice. There’s a greater propensity for employees to offer insightful, comprehensive responses when there is just one question.

By collecting the data in small chunks – Hive.HR makes it easier for internal comms, HR professionals and leaders to absorb and communicate information effectively.

Real impact is made when the insight generated from focused, responsive questions leads to focused, timely action. When transformational engagement happens like that, it starts to become part of your culture.


Hive.HR launches this month


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