Samson Aviation: Premium travel is closer than you think

June 4, 2019

Imagine being able to travel to anywhere in the world without needing to spend precious time in departure lounges or on connecting flights. With Samson Executive Jet Centre, based right in the North East, this idyllic method of travel is easier than you think

When you think about an airport terminal, the first thing that often springs to mind is a large open- planned space packed with holiday-goers excited to board their flight.

With more than five million passengers a year travelling through Newcastle Airport’s main terminal, it is easy to see why it is the largest and most popular airport in the North East.

However, just behind the main terminal, located on the south apron, is Samson Executive Jet Centre (Samson) – where passengers can take to the skies in style in an exclusively chartered aircraft – for pleasure or business travel.

Known as an ‘airport within an airport’, Samson has its own first class terminal that provides its clients with an exclusive experience complete with complimentary refreshments, concierge packages and peaceful surroundings.

But, aside from the style and glamour, one of the main benefits of chartered travel is the time- saving element, which proves popular with North East business delegates.

Paula Ives, (pictured above-left) general manager of Samson, explains that a large number of her passengers charter jets to ensure time spent out of the office is as efficient as possible. She says: “There is a huge time-saving aspect to travelling from a private centre. You can spend more time in the office that can be cost effective if you are running a business.

“You can also fly direct to airfields you may never have even heard of, anywhere in the world, without needing to make any forwarding connections.

“At Samson, we also have our own boardroom where clients can hold meetings – some fly in and out simply for that service.

Paula continues: “We get a lot of repeat clients. I think once you experience travel from a private centre it becomes the preferred way to travel.”

“We also get a lot of ad-hoc customers too who may only use our services once or twice a year – especially for group trips or to attend special events.”

Samson Executive Jet Centre was formed in 1993 and aircraft handling commenced immediately upon completion of the purpose- built facility.

In June 2008, Samson was purchased by Newcastle International Airport, taking it to another level of aircraft handling within the Fixed Based Operator (FBO) sector.

Paula explains how Samson is ideally suited to allow executive travellers and crew members a simple transition to-and-from their aircraft, saving valuable time and cost.

Paula adds: “Private chartering can definitely be an affordable product, and it is something that you can completely tailor to suit your own wants and needs.

“We can charter any aircraft that the customer would like – ranging from a smaller aircraft for one or two business travellers to something more luxurious and exclusive to seat 60 people.

“We can also perform any additional service that the customer requires, from arranging chauffer transfers or simply organising catering and flowers for their arrival.”

Samson Aviation
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