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December 7, 2018

Sarah O’Mahoney, account director at Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations, reports on the rapid growth taking place at her client Warmseal, its plans to create a national brand and its call for greater regulation in its sector

There are many things that can occur to thrust a business from a regional to a national brand.

One of them is being in the right place at the right time and then acting decisively and quicker than the competition to grasp the opportunity.

That is the position home improvement specialist Warmseal finds itself in. Within a six month period the company merged with UTS Engineering, which triggered a major advertising campaign both in its traditional North East heartland and, for the first time, into other areas of the North.

As the company embarked upon a major sales offensive, it was informed that one of the biggest home improvement companies in the UK, SafeGlaze, had sadly collapsed, leaving 2000 customers across the UK uncertain and worried that contracts they had placed deposits on might never be fulfilled.

Warmseal acted with great speed and within days had an agreement with the administrator to acquire the £5.5 million order book that SafeGlaze had amassed. To meet the surge in business, Warmseal is now recruiting across all levels of the business and, in particular, customer service.

The business is being driven forward by Warmseal director, Steve Miller, who entered the industry as a 16-year-old fabricator and through a combination of hard work and sheer determination, moved into sales and management.

Steve says: “On acquiring Warmseal the aim was to grow organically. The opportunity with SafeGlaze was unexpected and has accelerated our plans. We are pleased to be in a position to now complete the installations for the 2000 customers who must have been very worried that they would have lost their deposits.

“At the same time, this has the potential to transform Warmseal into a national brand and we are considering how we take this forward. The new contracts will certainly see us take on a large number of new staff and there is also the potential to open offices in other parts of the UK.”

Steve continues: “We are very fortunate that Warmseal, which was formed nearly 30 years ago, has a great reputation and the brand itself is both well known and respected, especially on Tyneside. Our aim now is to take the brand, our strong culture and honest family values to other parts of the UK.

“We operate in a highly competitive and challenging sector which, often for very good reasons, does not get a good press. This can be frustrating and we have to recognise that the customer must come first at all times. They
invite us into their homes to discuss what, for many of them, will be one of the biggest financial commitments they will have made in many a year.

“The need to make sure they are totally satisfied with the cost, the installation and customer service is the only thing that matters. Sadly, that is not the view taken by some companies and the call for tighter controls and greater regulation is getting louder by the day.

“Warmseal is determined to play a leading role in what is becoming a movement for change in the industry. There are great opportunities for many companies to grow and prosper, but to enable that to happen we need to take individual and collective responsibility for our actions.”

Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations


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