Shaping the future of leadership in the North East

July 14, 2020

Newcastle University Business School has launched new Executive Education leadership programmes to build effective skills in those navigating our region’s economic recovery. Dr Joanne James explains more

We are living in uncertain times. To thrive, we need exceptional leadership and we need to bring diverse teams together in collaboration.

Now more than ever we recognise we are not looking for the great leader but great leadership.  Great leadership is characterised by ethical values, forming trusted relationships and effectively collaborating with others.  Great leadership creates sustainable organisations navigating through uncertainty.

Creating resilient organisations and shaping a sustainable recovery.

What does the current crisis teach us about the successful organisations of the future?

Organisations that have responded well have combined technology with an inclusive and human approach. They have innovated to meet the changing needs of their clients and the employees. They have remained aware of their impact and contribution to societal needs. They have recognised that we are not all in the same boat.

We are experiencing a shared moment in history but the impacts of Coronavirus are different for every individual.  Successful organisations stay true to their values and find dynamic new ways to respond to the uncertainty. Every employee needs to feel included and able to contribute.

Navigating the challenges of COVID 19 and beyond.  You are not alone.

Many managers or leaders are feeling challenged by the current unprecedented public health and economic crisis. Within a few short weeks, we have been thrown into new work practices: social distancing, remote working and video calls. The most seasoned of leaders may have asked themselves ‘am I able to do this?’

At Newcastle University Business School world leading researchers consider the challenges facing business, society, and the environment. They also consider the role of leadership in shaping a sustainable future. The current pandemic has amplified the emerging trends, from digital innovation to leading through ambiguity.

We have combined interdisciplinary themes of the Future of Work and Leading on Leadership to create Executive Education programmes that help today’s leaders navigate these challenging times.

For these programmes we are looking to recruit the next generation of responsible leaders. Leaders play an especially important role today as we turn our attention to the recovery of the region and consider how best to tackle longstanding inequalities of the North East. We are committed to supporting individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and ask difficult questions about what kind of society and economy we want to create.

We aim to attract students from all sectors whose organisations or role directly addresses or contributes to challenging one of the key UN Sustainable Development Goals. The diversity of our cohort is central to our philosophy of a challenging and developmental learning space for all our students and to reflect the regional social and economic landscape in the North East.

Our programmes will create a community of leaders facing diverse challenges with the support of academics and thought leaders from policy and practice. Students on the programme will bring their real world context and create new solutions through critical thinking, reflective practice and stimulating dialogue. They will build resilience and confidence for both the student and their organisation as they navigate into the future.

Now open for applications for our first cohorts to start in October 2020 our new part time Executive MBA and Strategic Leadership MSc programmes are designed specifically for leaders to study whilst working, with a three day study block each month. They are both available through a Degree Apprenticeship route which allows both large levy paying organisations, and now SMEs access to government funding towards course fees. We also have two full scholarships available to support students from the North East whose work particularly reflects the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly inclusivity and social justice. Our third programme,  Coaching and Mentoring MSc will start in September 2021.

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