Spire Washington’s new recruit

July 18, 2016

Richard Smith, the new physiotherapy manager at Spire Washington Hospital, opens up about his career, what made him want to work for Spire Washington Hospital and what services he and the team deliver

I have been offering physiotherapy services since 2004, following my graduation from Teesside University with  qualifications in BSc Sports Therapy & MSc Physiotherapy.

Previously, I worked in a local NHS trust before moving onto a specialist physiotherapy role with the Ministry of Defence. My role there was to look after infantry soldiers within the parachute, guards and Gurkha regiments. My patients varied rank from recruit soldiers up to ranking officers. I thoroughly enjoyed this role and it helped widen my postgraduate experience in physiotherapy and rehabilitation in all areas of the body.

I am passionate about physiotherapy due to the changes you can make to an individual’s life. It may be an 80-year-old after a hip replacement walking pain-free again, to a mid-20s elite athlete returning to their chosen sport after injury. The changes you can make to someone are what continue to drive me. My other passions within physiotherapy are education and the progression of my colleagues through mentoring and ongoing postgraduate education.

I started at Spire Washington Hospital in February 2016 as the physiotherapy manager and clinical lead physiotherapist and it has been great. When I saw the job advertised, I knew I wanted to become part of this highly respected organisation, which continues to push for excellence for its patients and staff. I believe that with my past experience with the NHS and Ministry of Defence, I will continue to lead and develop the physiotherapy department at the hospital.

At Spire Washington Hospital we work very closely with our radiology department and consultants to offer patients a complete in-house package. Patients should choose Spire for physiotherapy because the team can offer almost immediate appointments. We can also offer treatment for issues from upper and lower limb problems to breast care services (oncology) with clinical specialist physiotherapists who have years of clinical experience and have access to direct referral links.

Spire Washington Hospital is also now offering a sports injury clinic which provides patients with quick access to assessment, diagnosis and treatment with myself, and our chartered physiotherapist, Andrew Appleyard. We also have sports medicine doctor Glen Rae on board; Glen has worked over the last 15 years with professional and amateur sportsmen and women, including at Sunderland AFC and with the England Football U19/U20 squad.

At Spire Washington Hospital, we offer appointments for our Sports Injury Clinic and Physiotherapy Services from 7am to 8pm Monday to Friday as well as Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Pricing ranges from £40-£70 depending on symptoms and an initial assessment may need to be carried out, but this can be confirmed once the patient has talked to one of our physiotherapists on initial enquiry.

Spire Washington Hospital
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