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May 27, 2016

How North East Audi offers both of these qualities across its range

In recent years, North East Audi has enjoyed opening its doors to the kind of high performance cars that dominate the headlines. Take the release of the Audi R8 and Audi RS 6 Avant, for example: both spectacular examples showcase the manufacturer’s ability to craft beautiful cars that, through their sheer power, play homage to the brand’s sporting heritage.

And while these cars certainly set the standard in their respective classes, they won’t be the cars that the average driver will be considering when it comes to their next set of wheels.

Audi is well aware of this, but that doesn’t mean it has cut back on quality when it comes to its most popular models. Audi shares many of its key technical specifications and design cues right across the range. It’s this dedication to quality and design that is a hallmark of the brand and one which is certainly present in the new Audi A4, which recently won What Car? Car of the Year.

As you may have expected, the look of the new A4 is classic Audi and while some may say that the changes are minimal on the outside, its longer aerodynamic bodywork has reduced drag significantly, while nice touches like sweeping Matrix LED headlights and taillights provide added flair.

The interior of the car is also effortless in its design. Heavy on clean no-nonsense lines, it doesn’t scrimp on soft-touch materials and offers more than enough space for three passengers in the back.

Fans of the new Audi TT will also be pleased to know that Audi has transplanted its Virtual Cockpit into the A4. Sitting behind the sporty feeling flat-bottomed steering wheel, Audi’s cutting edge infotainment system still impresses.

Its impressive range of seven engines also provides a thoroughly entertaining drive, with the award-winning 215bhp 3.0 TDI V6 taking the crown.

The new A4 has certainly caused a stir at North East Audi and looks certain to continue being one of the brand’s bestselling cars.

Paul Liddell, Audi operations director at North East Audi, says: “The A4 has always been a popular car, only now it’s even better, with the kind of touches you would expect in more expensive models in the range, such as the Virtual Cockpit that has proven to be so popular in the Audi TT. The interior is even softer and more luxurious, while the impressive range of engines ensures ultimate performance.”

North East Audi is also opening its doors to the Audi Q2 later in the year, which is expected to create a whole new Audi fan base within the booming supermini crossover market. First revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, it is the fourth and smallest of the Q family and is aimed squarely at the younger end of the market and those susceptible to the charms of the Audi A1.

Design features include broad shoulders, a sloping roofline and short rear overhangs, while inside you can expect the latest multimedia tech from the new A4, including the optional 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit and a standard 5.8-inch MMI central infotainment screen atop the dash. Unique to the Q2, and another feature designed to appeal to younger drivers, is an LED ambient lighting system that sees light projected through the panel gaps in the dash, with different designs for day and night.

Paul adds: “There’s a huge amount of excitement surrounding the Audi brand at the moment. While larger executive cars like the Audi A7 Sportback and Q7 have quite rightly been making the headlines, Audi has also been focusing as much attention on its smaller models, with the Q2 having the potential to help create a whole new generation of Audi fans.”

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