Supporting Role: Kevin Walker and Claire Wilson 

January 3, 2017

Kevin Walker 
NHS pensions specialist and director, Blackett Walker and BW Medical Accountants

When I was in high school I was put in charge of the ‘school bank’. I decided at this point I definitely didn’t want to work in finance. It’s ironic now that I’m a fully qualified independent financial adviser and started my own firm 20 years ago.

At Blackett Walker, we found that other firms were dabbling in medical accountancy but it is a very niche and specialist area. I helped to establish BW Medical Accountants in 2013 to provide accurate, proactive financial advice to the healthcare sector – including fully regulated advice on NHS Pensions. I first interviewed Claire years ago for another position, but choose someone with more experience. She must have impressed me though, because when we were interviewing for an admin position years later she was our first choice. In BW Medical, our work is highly technical and serious; it’s also about building relationships. I’ve been taking Claire with me to client meetings so that she can get the practical experience she needs, as every client and situation is different. I’ve also been involving her in the process and discussions in order to build her confidence and she has been spending time with our compliance consultants to review client cases in a practical way.

Investing the time and effort to train team members like Claire is an integral part of my job as they’re the future of this firm.

Claire has been an integral part of our client services team and there is a huge opportunity for her to progress her career as an independent financial adviser.

Claire Wilson 
Financial adviser

I kind of just fell into being a financial adviser. I always enjoyed business studies at school and went on to study business administration. Following that, I applied for placements in local businesses and was offered a position as an office junior in an IFA practice so the rest is history – I basically worked my way up from there. I decided to progress towards a specialism in NHS Pensions as BW Medical is unique in its ability to link the personal aspects of finance with something that is as technical as medical finance and NHS Pensions.

Having access to Kevin – one of the most highly respected and knowledgeable experts in the field – was also a deciding factor. I started working with Kevin in November 2005 as an investment administrator. I’m still working towards earning my place as a fully fledged independent financial adviser with BW Medical with Kevin’s guidance. I first met Kevin at an interview back in 2002. I liked him; he was approachable and straight to the point and remains so to this day. I wouldn’t have gone back for an interview three years later if I didn’t like him and I like to constantly remind him that he should have employed me back in 2002.

Kevin has mainly helped by taking me to his client meetings and allowing me to watch and learn from him while he is advising real clients. He’s always there to support me if I have any queries about financial matters or my development in general. I have two more exams to sit, which I will complete in the first quarter of 2017, before I will be fully qualified and able to see clients on my own.

BW Medical
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