Supporting role: Daniel O’Mahoney and Sarah O’Mahoney 

March 5, 2018

Daniel O’Mahoney established public relations company Bradley O’Mahoney in 1991. Eighteen years later his daughter, Sarah O’Mahoney, joined the business as an account manger, after completing her university degree. Here, dad and daughter reflect on board meetings in the car and ‘creative tensions’

Daniel O’Mahoney 

Bradley O’Mahoney was established in 1991 when Sarah was three and not too bothered about PR at that stage.

Our elevator pitch is that ‘we make [clients] famous’. It’s as simple as that. Clients want a share of voice in the market and we shape and sharpen their communications, so they stand out.

Sarah joined the business in 2009, just as we went into the longest recession in living memory. I would have preferred it to have been a more positive introduction. That said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I suppose that experience hardened Sarah. It made her realise that you have to fight for what you have.

The essential lesson I feel I’ve taught Sarah is to never knowingly let anyone down. Our family’s background is Irish so we carry more than our fair share of Mea Culpa.

Sarah’s taught me to never give up, which is odd, because that’s what I should be saying to her. She also doesn’t like it when I say I have everything under control, as she says that means I am not going fast enough!

Sarah and I travel to and from the office together and we often have board meetings in the car. Being Sarah’s dad and boss does have its moments, but we have a lot of laughs too.

Sarah can achieve whatever she wants in her career.

Sarah O’Mahoney 

PR wasn’t my initial career choice. I flirted with law for a while but thought that might be a little dull. Journalism was up there too but I preferred the look of the PR course at Leeds Beckett University, where I studied for four years.

I did my work experience nine years ago at Bradley O’Mahoney and didn’t like it. I resigned every other day! That said, I would always arrive the next morning at the family home, just after 8am, to pick my dad up for work.

I also completed a work placement for a consumer PR agency as part of my university course, which was very fast paced.

Today, I handle the day-to-day running of my clients’ public relations, which ranges from press material, blogging, social media, internal communications, brand management and drafting content and maintenance on client website. I am particularly proud of the journey I have been on with building and roofing specialist, Hodgson Sayers, which was crowned British Chambers of Commerce national company of the year in 2015. I am also privileged to work alongside a range of fantastic people at Park Electrical Distributors, UTS Engineering, Stadium Group and the Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnel.

Never give up was something that was instilled in me from a young age. My dad has also taught me to surround myself with positive people.

Sometimes we have some ‘creative tension’ but things settle down pretty quickly.

I think my dad would be proud to know that he has mentored me and I have become a consistent support to him, especially as I have developed and gained the confidence to lead on accounts.


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