Supporting role: Ian McElroy and Emma Black

September 3, 2017

Emma Black is managing director of Cascade Cash Management, an independent company that provides independent and unbiased cash solutions for a range of clients. She met Ian McElroy, managing director of Tier One Capital, while studying for her PhD in finance five years and he has played a huge role in supporting Emma and her career ever since

Emma Black 

In my role as managing director of Cascade I principally manage the firm’s strategic sales and technology relationships while working closely with our client support team covering all aspects of the day-to-day running of the business.

I met Ian during the early stages of my PhD when he was leading the Manchester office for Kleinwort Benson. He was building a new proposition for the bank and clearly had a lot of experience in the industry. I then joined Tier One Capital – when Ian co-founded the business – as an investment manager, as I completed my PhD. I worked closely with Ian from day one and he offered to help build my career, supporting my transition to a new future in wealth management. In the beginning, we set formal meetings to ensure we met regularly. We would meet on a Friday morning and discuss what had gone well that week, what challenges I had faced and how best they could be dealt with. Ian would guide me through different options and supported me in choosing the right industry qualifications needed for progression. He shared best practice case studies and asked me to put myself into the situation to think about what I would do. As time passed, we began speaking informally throughout the week too. Ian has always been a great sounding board for investment ideas I have, particularly at the time when I designed the company’s first auto-call, TOC1. His experience and advice was invaluable and has given me the skill set to run a business.

Ian will, without doubt, assist in accelerating the growth of Cascade. He has been a superb sounding board over the last five years. I’m already looking forward to our strategy sessions coming up to glean some more advice to apply to the next five years!

Ian McElroy 

I first met Emma while working at Kleinwort Benson leading the Manchester office. She had just begun her PhD and outlined her ambitions to work closely with those in the industry to improve the applicability of her findings. She seemed driven to achieve and open to learning from others. It was never an agreed formal role to become Emma’s mentor; the relationship simply evolved as our respective careers progressed.

Her progress at Cascade has been fantastic, which is of no surprise, and it’s exciting to see a highly impressive career playing out. I am proud of her achievement of having been named in the Top 30 Wealth Managers Under 30 in the UK this year. On a more personal level it is a real privilege to be able to work with an intelligent and driven individual who remains down to earth, level headed and focused on what truly matters. It makes the mentoring role an enjoyable experience.

I have provided all-round support and encouragement to Emma but she must take the credit for the hard work she is putting into Cascade. She has built the business to have administered over £500m, with over £85m this year alone. The new Cascade portal is miles ahead in delivery and results than any other fintech in the market.

I want Emma to be happy and content in whatever she does. I would also like to see her continue the growth and success of Cascade. Emma’s unwavering, sound principles of fairness and hard work are a credit to both herself and her family. There is no doubt that this will continue to drive Emma, and Cascade, to huge success.

Cascade Cash Management 

Tier One Capital

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