Supporting role: Mark Grant and Mark Quigley

January 3, 2020

Mark Grant, director and shareholder at Portland Consulting Engineers, has supported Mark Quigley’s journey from trainee to senior technician and shareholder. Here, they reflect on their professional relationship and the value of learning from each other

Mark Grant

Portland Consulting Engineers was established in 2004 by John Hardy. We are a civil and structural engineering design consultancy, providing services to property developers, contractors and landowners.

Apprenticeships are an integral part of our success. Since 2004, we have supported our trainees to obtain HNCs. Approximately 30 per cent of our staff started with us as trainees, which for an SME is a great achievement. Equally important is our good retention rate, which I believe is testament to the quality of training and environment we provide.

I met Mark in July 2004 when he came for an interview. Although young, he was confident and articulate.

Mark has progressed from being a trainee to becoming a senior technician. He has successfully navigated the transition from traditional 2D drafting to more sophisticated and innovative 3D modelling, and is now one of our most experienced members of staff in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

I supported Mark through his college training, which began with an ONC at Newcastle College, through to achieving his HNC.

I’ve always encouraged him to plan a project while anticipating what you may need from other members of the team outside of Portland. Mark was recently announced as a shareholder, alongside Stephen Hunter. Both have shown great dedication and loyalty, and offering them a shareholding was reward for that. It also makes it more than ‘just a job’ for them.

Mark Quigley

I saw joining Portland as a great opportunity to launch my career, but also to grow with the business.

I always had an interest in engineering and believed I had the skills to progress and challenge myself in the role.

My career has developed a lot. I started as a trainee technician and gained more responsibility, eventually becoming a senior technician.

I’m also very proud to be a shareholder in such a great company and one that I care about It was an amazing opportunity and a career highlight.

Working alongside a team of engineers, my role is to produce structural and civil engineering drawings for a wide range of projects for clients operating in a variety of sectors. Mark has been a fantastic mentor throughout my career. He is an experienced engineer and has shared his valuable insight of solving difficult engineering problems with me.

He’s also taught me to plan and think jobs through before starting. That way, I can foresee problems early on and that saves time throughout the project, leading to successful schemes.

We’ve learned a lot from each other. Mark is always very busy, and the industry is extremely demanding. However, I believe I have taught him the importance of having trust and relying on the technician to help relieve the pressure on the engineers. I aim to continue working hard for the business, and to help others in the way I’ve been supported to allow Portland to continue to excel for many more years to come.

Portland Consulting Engineers

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