Supporting role: Lyn Rutherford and Emily Cannell

November 17, 2015

Emily Cannell first began working with esteemed lawyer, Lyn Rutherford, in 2011, when she successfully applied to be his assistant solicitor. Since then, both have gained from the relationship

Emily Cannell

I was nearing completion of my training contract in Hull and applied for a job to transfer the remaining six months to a firm in the North East. Unbeknown to me, this job was to be Lyn’s trainee/assistant solicitor. I remember feeling very nervous prior to the meeting but found Lyn charismatic, interesting and extremely knowledgeable. When I started working with Lyn, I shadowed him. I then progressed to working with him jointly on some of his files and now I run my own caseload. I feel that by working with Lyn, I have essentially been ‘fast tracked’. I have been fortunate to have dealt with and worked on cases which are far more complex and high net worth than another solicitor at my year of qualification would typically have the opportunity to deal with. Lyn has taught me an awful lot. I think the most important thing is to think of the bigger picture, the long term of the case and the importance of getting the foundations right from the start. I also greatly admire Lyn’s passion and enthusiasm that he still has for the job and every single case and client.

Lyn Rutherford
Consultant & head of family

I met Emily in 2011 when she interviewed for a job as my assistant. In the interview she was very knowledgeable and clearly had a personality of her own. We have a similar approach as we deeply care about the work we do. We always go that extra yard to get the best results for our clients. I think I have helped Emily on the tactical approach to matters and showed her an understanding of what pitfalls and problems can arise as a consequence of actions. This has assisted in Emily’s decision making process. Emily helps me in every possible way. She is my eyes and ears. Her technical ability and up-to-date knowledge of law is exceptional. Also, before, I could perhaps be quite bullish in my approach to some matters but I have learnt from Emily that a softly, softly approach can sometimes be much more effective. Emily is exceptionally hard working and is the most honest person I have ever met. I very much see her as a friend.

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