Supporting role: Veronica Swindale and Maggie Love

September 8, 2016

Veronica Swindale
Founder director, nesma 

My background has always been in marketing and training and I set up nesma to provide professional training in marketing and PR to a range of people – from school leavers, sole traders and SMEs to those working at large corporate and public sector organisations. Maggie started studying for her CIM Professional Marketing Certificate with nesma in September 2013. She spent 15 months taking the Certificate course with us and then returned to complete her CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (Digital Strategy), which has taken just nine months.

Maggie has learnt the theory and application of the principles and strategy of marketing, along with market research, stakeholder marketing, mastering metrics and digital strategy. Perhaps just as importantly, she has also learnt how to manage her nervousness during exams. She now has the confidence to tackle strategic BA Hons Level studies and it is highly possible that Maggie will continue studying with us at Masters level and become a chartered marketer, with the potential of being a successful senior marketing director.

Maggie Love
Group marketing manager, QuantuMDx 

I was first attracted to nesma because of its incredible track record of high pass rates and its smaller class sizes. It also seemed much more personal than other institutions offering the Chartered Institute of Marketing courses. Veronica was on hand to answer any questions, and also put me in touch with a nesma alumna in my industry who gave me insight into how the course could help shape my career, which had moved into marketing at QuantnMDx.

Working with Veronica has been fantastic. During a period of ill health, which was disruptive to my studies, Veronica’s encouragement, flexibility and support were key to me completing my CIM Certificate qualification and going onto the Diploma. Her experience and her network means that no matter what your question, she’s always got helpful advice or an anecdote to pull from, or she knows somebody who knows somebody who can help. Veronica’s classes felt more like guided roundtable discussions than learning by rote.

I would wholeheartedly recommend nesma to anyone looking to advance or change their career.

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