Supporting role: Ellie Curry and Jeff Roberts

November 1, 2017

Roberts Environmental was established in 2012 by Jeff Roberts, who previously worked as a consultant for Government departments, local authorities, major landowners and FTSE 100 companies. In September this year, Ellie Curry spent time at the Newcastle-based geo-environmental engineering consultancy on work experience. Her hard work and attention to detail impressed Jeff and the team and she was offered a graduate consultant position

Ellie Curry 

I graduated in the summer of 2016 from the University of Hull where I studied geology with physical geography BSc(Hons). I’ve always had a passion for geology and the environment and I think engineering is a perfect combination of the two. Also, I’m quite nosey and love to understand how things work! I started at Roberts Environmental in September on work experience and was kept on as a graduate consultant, where I love the combination of site and office-based work.

As a boss, Jeff offers me both formal and informal support. As a team, we meet regularly to discuss projects and deadlines so that everyone is aware of what is happening and who is doing what. But if I have a question or I’m having any difficulties, I know I can have a private chat with Jeff at any time.

I would say the main lesson Jeff has taught me is to trust myself and my colleagues. If you have confidence and are not scared of asking for help, the problem is halved. I’d like to think that, if I’ve taught him anything, it’s that hiring a graduate is worthwhile.

I now want to continue progressing as far as I can and hopefully one day I’ll be one of the top female consultants.

Jeff Roberts 

After Ellie graduated from Hull University, she returned home to the North East. She saw one of our vans on the road, took down the number and gave us a call. When we met, I was immediately impressed by her drive and proactive nature and invited her to do work experience with us. It quickly became apparent from her work ethic that Ellie would be an excellent fit for the company. It didn’t take me too long to decide to offer her a full-time role.

I assist Ellie with any queries regarding specific projects or she approaches me with training needs and opportunities. I encourage all members of the team to be proactive in developing their own knowledge base within the industry. This also involves providing Ellie with contacts within the business community so she can go and make her own business connections, which she has done recently with the Women in Property group. I want Ellie and all team members to find the aspect of the business that suits their niche and develop an area of expertise. There is no point in trying to force someone to do something they are not comfortable with.

Ellie has such a cheerful disposition, but is very meticulous in what she does. One example is that she makes graphical representations of the findings of an assessment in order to clarify her own thinking when writing up a report. This allows her to focus on the important elements and how it fits into the bigger picture.

It is still very early days for Ellie and her career, but if she continues to learn she can reach the highest level of the profession.

Roberts Environmental