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December 7, 2018

Gain a unique insight into your business by hosting a Strategic Business Project with Durham University Business School

Whatever the size of your business, turn talent to your advantage and face your business challenges head-on by hosting a Strategic Business Project from Durham University Business School.

Taking place between June and September, a Strategic Business Project involves MBA students from Durham University Business School working across all sectors and functions, applying their skills and knowledge to deliver ideas and recommendations to take your business forward.

This provides an opportunity to tackle a strategic business issue that you may not otherwise have the time or resources to address.

Eric Findlay (Durham MBA graduate, 2010) started a new business with his brother Ben Findlay, MachineCompare.com, and since launching the company 18 months ago they have hosted two business projects with MBA students and are hoping to host another.

Having studied an MBA himself, and having to guide his company though a constantly evolving market, Eric fully appreciates the insight an MBA project can bring to a company.

With Eric spending much of his time dealing with immediate issues surrounding the growth of his company, he had little time to investigate future opportunities in any depth. To develop the company’s original business plan, Eric identified two strategic areas, based around geographical expansion, which required further investigation. The brothers wanted to investigate ways of expanding their reach, and while they had a feeling there were suitable market opportunities in India and China, they required more information to ensure they were minimising risk and that it was the right move for the business.

Eric says: “We were lucky to have two MBAs investigate the market opportunities both in China and India, the results of which were incredible. They provided a greater understanding of the market dynamics and detailed recommendations about how we can take advantage of market opportunities. It was clear from the reports that we needed a great deal more resource to act on the recommendations. This knowledge has allowed us to amend our business plan and growth strategy to act on the market opportunity in the correct manner and at the right time.

“The insight we gained from hosting a business project has been immensely valuable, and we look forward to working with another student
to explore further market opportunities. I would highly recommend hosting a business project to other companies to help them achieve their strategic objectives.”

Durham University Business School
For more information on Strategic Business Projects visit: www.durham.ac.uk/business/bp

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