The ‘tail’ of Harvey & Hugo 

October 4, 2017

In 2009, Charlotte Nichols established Harvey & Hugo, a digital PR agency in Darlington, named after her two dogs. Her aim was to offer clients a more flexible approach. Here is Charlotte’s story

When and why did you establish Harvey & Hugo? 

I had the idea of offering more flexible PR solutions to suit the market while at another agency. I ran the idea by the team, but they weren’t keen, so I decided to do it myself.

I launched Harvey & Hugo – named after my two border terriers – in 2009, with Pay-as-Hugo PR packages that were one-off pieces of publicity that didn’t tie people into a contract.

Social media was just starting to take off and I recognised that this would have a big impact on the world of PR so I developed services to incorporate this new ‘digital PR’ too.

How do you describe what you do? 

We tell our clients’ stories using our PR, social media, content marketing and design skills. We still offer a flexible approach with retained monthly packages, Pay-as-Hugo, consultancy and training.

What makes Harvey & Hugo different from your competitors? 

The flexibility of our services is our USP. Also, we like to position ourselves as a digital PR agency…of which, there aren’t that many.

The lines are blurred between PR and marketing these days; we’re very much about brand building rather than direct sales.

However, I believe that it’s more about Emotional Selling Points (ESPs) than USPs nowadays. People traditionally used to work with their hands, but the technological revolution evolved due to people working with their heads. I believe the future is about working with our hearts and this is where ESPs come in.

Telling our clients stories is the best way to get across ESPs, as after all, people often don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

I’m fascinated by the psychology of brands so we like to think a bit deeper and get to understand our retained clients’ values and develop a strategic approach to reflect that. We make sure that their stories are told in the most emotive way, on the best platform, to reach their target market.

Tell us about the team at Harvey & Hugo? 

Affectionally known as ‘The Pack’, the team believes in working hard but playing harder. This year we went ‘on tour’ to Malaga and it was a brilliant way of getting to know each other better. Next year, members of The Pack are already asking to go to Las Vegas, but I think that’s a few years away.

You recently held your first Hugoversity event. Tell us about it… 

In this fast-paced accelerating technological world, I believe that the learning never stops. Hugo & Harvey has always offered training but it has grown so much that we wanted to give it a brand and launch our own PR and social media school.

Hugoversity provides everything a company needs to help them to become their own brand curators: strategy, recruitment and training.

A strategy needs to be developed to discover where gaps lie and then a plan will guide them towards their vision. We can recruit for certain PR and marketing roles for a client and carry out training, if required.

The launch event was really well received and we’ve already had several enquiries about enrolling.

Harvey & Hugo

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Supporting role: John Savage and Harriet Bell