Team work at Brewin Dolphin 

November 30, 2017

The wealth management company reveals why collaborative working combined with a personal approach are key for serving clients

While it might be easy to think that managing money is all about numbers, it is often forgotten that human relationships are vital too. No one should trust a stranger, let alone a computer algorithm, with their hard-earned wealth. It is because of this that Brewin Dolphin considers itself a ‘people business’ and prides itself on the strong relationships it has with clients. The philosophy that underpins all of Brewin Dolphin’s work is to ‘enrich lives’.

Charlie Fellowes, a long established divisional director at the firm’s Newcastle office, is clear as to what sets them apart.

“The service we provide to each and every client is genuinely unique and bespoke to their specific needs and circumstances. This is not something that all wealth management firms offer. We know that not only will portfolios be built to suit our clients’ objectives, but the relationship we have with them is far from a one-size-fits-all approach,” he says.

The team Charlie works with comprises five fully qualified investment managers supported by a dedicated administrator.

Between them they have over 120 years of industry experience. Although all are qualified to the industry’s highest standards, their ages range from 32 to 63, giving a wide breadth of views, expertise and differing backgrounds. They have seen stock markets rise and bubbles burst and their experience helps clients navigate their way through many personal, political and economic situations, both good and bad.

James Rainbow, a fellow director and team member, reflects: “Our clients are a broad church and come from a wide range of backgrounds. From the self-made entrepreneur or senior executive with a young family, who is thinking about saving for retirement and funding the children’s education, to the retiree who wants to travel the world, as well as help the grandchildren to have a good start in life.

“We are used to managing all of these issues and more, and are well versed at helping our clients make the most of every phase of their life. This cannot be done through financial analysis alone. It takes time to understand the individual and their needs, and this level of personal service is where the firm outperforms many others in the industry.”

Lorraine Armstrong, a director of Brewin Dolphin and a member of the team, adds: “The relationships we build with our clients really do matter to us and this is evident when you consider the fact that we look after multiple generations of families. In some cases, these family relationships predate the eldest of us.

“All the team agrees that team work is really important in our world. No one person can oversee a number of clients and all of their individual needs alone. Those who pretend they do are probably failing to offer the best service they can. Our clients do have an individual point of contact, but the six of us work very closely to ensure that every need is met and nothing slips through the net.”

Charlie concludes: “The size of our team is a definite benefit. Our ability to be nimble is a huge advantage in what is an ever-changing and uncertain world. Of course, we are backed up by the rest of the office in Newcastle and our award-winning research team based in London, but having the flexibility to adapt how we do things is important. By being personal and dedicated, we can continue to provide the best service we can to each and every one of our clients.”

Brewin Dophin