The art of storytelling

February 4, 2019

Matt McGough, managing director of Ithica Films, reveals how the Teesside-based company’s film makers use seemingly unrelated information to build an engaging visual narrative for its clients

The use of film in communication has always been a key means of connecting with people emotionally, its use has gone stratospheric in the past five years. As the most powerful

medium available since cinema was invented a hundred and a bit years ago, it’s amazing to see how brands and people use it to tell stories.

At Ithica Films, we help companies to tie all these strands together. This can often mean building and refreshing work that’s been carried out for years in longstanding companies or creating something completely new. The main aspect present in both is the need to tell a story. We all tell stories constantly, mostly without realising we’ve done it.

What’s really interesting when we undertake film architecture with a client is that we can funnel often unrelated pieces of information about what they do and why they do it to create a story of the business that’s always been there, just nobody has seen it as a whole. We’re often asking questions at the beginning of the project that we’d be answering at the end of it – which leads to quite interesting results, especially when people start to think in terms of audience rather than customers. We’re really getting into the heart and soul of how film makes people feel so this is an important distinction right now.

Expectations in 2019 are sky high for visual content. This is a great place to play as it allows clients to push us forward and for us to take them into unfamiliar territory.

Everything always comes back to knowing what your story is, knowing what people know about you and then taking it further into asking how do they feel about you? Bringing these together makes us take into consideration pacing, narrative and tone. This translates into the parts of the craft we really care about as filmmakers – what do the visuals say to us as an audience? The creative kicks in as we think about the choice of music, colour grade to the images and the cinematography. This experimentation is where the good stuff happens and when it does, it’s those moments where all the collaboration pays off.

With so many sources of stats it’s easy to get lost in views, actions, conversions and traffic but the one thing that makes everything sing is having that story told to people who care about what you care about. As with any great story, this matters more when it’s based on truth. It’s incredibly powerful and as filmmakers whose best work often has some kind of drama or intrigue in it.

It’s what we live for.

Ithica Films

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