The importance of an inspirational leader

May 31, 2018

Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP’s Kathryn Taylor is one of the only female managing partners in the region. Here, she reflects on what has shaped her career and her renowned leadership skills

In any business, strong leadership is paramount to success, and it’s important to have a senior team which encourages each member of its workforce to further their professional and personal development. Having an inspirational leader is important, and at Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP (GBLF), it is viewed as an essential factor in the growth and development of the firm.

Kathryn Taylor, managing partner of GBLF, has been with the firm for 11 years, having worked her way up from residential conveyancing solicitor to managing partner.

Heading up the firm, she is viewed by colleagues as a motivating and inspirational figure, and as an illustration of what a good leader should be.

At the time of taking over at the helm as managing partner in 2013, Kathryn was the youngest and one of only two female managing partners in the North East, a factor she did not let deter her, as she has gone on to lead the firm through five years of success including the introduction of a paperless office scheme and the implementation of a fair and equal recruitment programme at trainee level.

Kathryn attributes her success partly to her childhood experiences. When she was 11 years old, her mum, a single parent, became wheelchair-bound and unable to work, an experience which instilled a determination to succeed in Kathryn, and her mum has acted as the driving force behind her position as an inspirational leader at GBLF today.

Coming from the working class town of Blyth, Kathryn had big dreams of becoming a lawyer, and despite being advised to pursue a different career path by teachers, she defied odds and secured a place to study law at university. Demonstrating her ambition and tenacity, she supported herself financially through her studies by working evenings, weekends and throughout the university holidays.

This experience has led Kathryn to promote a fair and equal recruitment process for trainee solicitors at GBLF where backgrounds and connections are not taken into consideration, which she says is incredibly important to avoid social prejudice. In doing so, Kathryn serves as an inspiration for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue a career in law.

Kathryn is passionate about closing the gender pay gap in the legal profession, believing that hard work and determination are essential in getting to the top of the career ladder, not gender; she promotes this ethos to her team, who are inspired to succeed because of it.

In recent years, Kathryn has promoted an environmentally-conscious and technologically-advanced workplace, successfully implementing a programme of paperless files, remote working and integrated desk phones. This demonstrates her commitment to modernising the legal profession in keeping with digital progression.

Kathryn’s team is motivated on a daily basis, with many succeeding in promotion, both at a trainee and senior leadership level under her guidance.

With offices located in Newcastle and Chester-le-Street, GBLF offers a range of legal services across all areas of family, residential conveyancing, wills and probate, dispute resolution, corporate and commercial law.

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