The power of creativity

January 2, 2019

Ithica Film’s main role is to take ordinary life and turn it into something extraordinary, says managing director Matt McGough

Seeing the world from different perspectives is an essential skill for a filmmaker. Being able to understand all the processes, hopes and dreams of an organisation is just an average day for the team at Ithica Films.

The strongest films we make are when we’re in true collaboration with our clients. This is the core of any creative endeavour – and with something as subjective as filmmaking, it helps when people are willing to make the leap into the unknown and take risks.

As a dedicated team, we work on our craft every day. We understand our current and upcoming projects, we know our equipment inside out, and we hone our skills together.

We’ve found that this approach gives the people we work with a great deal of comfort in the ability to create something really amazing.

Finding that special something for our clients is an amazing feeling. Whether it’s how something in the accessibility industry gives people their home back, or how a charity helps those in need, or how industry changes the world.

When you find the little nub of an idea that is unique, knowing that the whole film will hinge on it, it’s an incredible feeling and goes back to the core of creative filmmaking: finding something that someone cares about and amplifying it through the medium of film, cutting through all the noise.

Having the right processes and tools is essential. To be able to put your heart and soul into something means having the space to express ideas. By assuming that you’ll come up with a golden idea immediately, you’re setting yourself up to fail. At Ithica Films, we look to spark the great ideas off the back of an open forum. Ideas can come from across the team so you don’t just have to be a filmmaker to be able to contribute ideas.

Being open to creativity is something incredibly powerful. So being able to take these ideas and map them to realistic techniques brings an incredible amount of value to our films.

We’re pushing a lot on the boundaries of what we achieve with motion currently. How the camera moves is the most telling technique at our disposal and the way we use hyperlapse, stabilisation, timelapse and tracking is something that brings stories and people to life. I personally love this part of the process.

As with everything, it’s all about results. Being able to create something with an aesthetic, strong creative realisation can be extremely engaging. Being able to almost reach out and feel a brand is no feat but at Ithica Films, we’re always working to achieve that.

Ithica Films

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