The power of relationships 

January 2, 2018

Cargo is a North East creative agency that believes in the importance of nurturing effective and trusted relationships with its diverse range of clients. Here, managing director Paul Hart discusses why establishing a good rapport from the beginning benefits the agency – and the client – long term

Sometimes, we all need someone in business who we can trust to get the job done. This may be because we don’t have the time or the expertise to be able to do the job ourselves.

Trust, loyalty and honesty form the foundation of all effective relationships. When we can rely on a business, believe in a firm’s honesty and be confident in its ability, things get done when they’re needed.

Trust speeds up processes, so there’s no need to double check or second guess. Opportunities can be found and taken advantage of.

When there is a lack of trust, decisions are harder to make and take longer, and we risk missing opportunities.

At Cargo, we work across a range of sectors and believe in nurturing long-lasting and trusting relationships over time. And as a creative agency that’s fast-approaching a decade in business, many of our clients have worked with us since the beginning.

We know only too well the importance of building strong relationships with our clients. It also means we can identify the challenges and opportunities that will help our professional service clients to prosper.

We may not deal with those businesses week in, week out, but when they need our services, they get in touch and we are there for them.

Relationships take investment. Not in a financial sense, but in time. It takes time to build trust, time to understand each other and time to implement what is discussed and agreed in meetings.

If the right amount of time is invested at the start of the relationship then a business will reap the rewards in the long run.

For example, we started working with Northern law firm Ward Hadaway more than four years ago. The UK Top 100 law firm required an update to a well-established but dated website. We worked with the team to take their digital offering to the next level, in the process consolidating elements of the firm’s brand, commissioning vibrant photography and developing consistent documentation and other marketing materials.

By establishing a strong and trusted relationship from the beginning, our relationship with Ward Hadaway has continued. Whenever the firm has needed collateral – sometimes at very short notice – we have delivered this to the team to a professional standard. Time is freed up internally, knowing that requests will be delivered on time, against guidelines, and with minimal ongoing financial investment.

We have gained Ward Hadaway’s trust. We understand the team, their needs, their tone and what is to be delivered – adding huge value to their team and ultimately their output.

We often speak to potential clients who are looking for ‘sticking plaster’ solutions to issues that we know require so much more than a quick fix. If you are prepare to invest in long-term relationships, those multi-layered benefits really will give you long-term rewards.

Cargo is a digital agency that helps clients across a range of sectors achieve creative consistency through both online and offline communications to clients across the North East and nationally 

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