The value of connectivity

December 4, 2019

Matt McGough, managing director of Ithica Films, tells North East Times about the importance of staying connected

Heart and soul is fundamental to everything we do.

We recently launched our 2020 showreel and as it came to life it was clear our film work was still rich with the essence of heart and soul. However, another theme came to light that linked everything together: everything is connected.

Film’s biggest strength is linking you as an audience with the very thing in front of you in a very deep and meaningful way.

This connectivity shone through, as more and more people have been at the centre of the stories we’re being asked to tell.

This is no surprise for a company based in the North East as connectivity is a vital part of the fabric of our communities.

So thinking about it and feeling this more and more is a very natural step and is something most of us will have been doing subconsciously for years.

It’s how we link together the successes and challenges in our region often without batting an eyelid – how we welcome each other, how our backgrounds and aspirations link, sometimes even how our football clubs are doing and how this reflects on our identity in a big way.

Standing back and looking at it, it’s even easier to spot that this connection is a massive driver for each of us and defines the stories we all tell every day.

How does this link to a showreel of a film company in Tees Valley, then? It’s a key cog for us, and how we feel and interact with the people around us and the environments we work in absolutely links to the stories we tell.

It’s often the unrelated links that build a connection and show something special in a piece of content.

We’ve talked previously about how film can act as a way of pulling together the widespread and disparate parts of an organisation, so to do this with a years’ worth of work is always a barometer of where we’re at.

The impact film has on people is still something that has a way of surprising us, whether it be an organisation that sees just how clear they are or whether it is a charity that has an incredibly powerful story to tell.

If I was to look at how it has evolved since our formation in 2014, I’d say it has always been about the link between people and places for us, but the people aspect is one that keeps growing to the point where it takes centre stage.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate for the trust people place in us and the freedom we’re given to take films in sometimes different directions.

Being creative and making people feel something is a great vocation; in fact even now it is something I pinch myself about being able to do every day.

The future for film as a key component of an organisation’s marketing and communications mix is stronger than ever. We must never forget as commissioners or practitioners that people are at the heart of every business.

The more we focus on this and celebrate it, the more it comes front and centre in people’s minds – and that can only be a positive.

Ithica Films

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