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December 7, 2018

Andrew Richardson, CEO of troo, reveals how a recent funding boost will further help the company on its mission to ensure businesses pay a fair price for their energy

Any business, large or small, needs financial collateral and so at troo, we are delighted that last month we secured the first investment by the North East Venture Fund (NEVF), which is managed by Mercia Fund Managers and is part of the North East Fund.

This provides a great springboard and we are delighted our funders have bought into the vision and given us the opportunity to further grow the business.

At troo, we provide a quick and easy benchmarking system to enable businesses to check their energy deals. It’s a great way for companies to see whether the renewal rate they are getting from their incumbent supplier is good. Or whether the deal the broker has told them is the ‘best in the market’ is anything resembling that!

We at troo are different. Our approach is to put the power back in the hands of businesses. Our portal allows businesses to take power back and secure a fair energy rate.

We have around 1300 customers already bought into our approach but clearly we are in growth mode, hence the capital backing.

To further expand, we are building a long-term marketing plan which will ultimately drive targeted relevant traffic to our site so that companies in the region can help themselves gauge what a good price looks like.

There is a great ethos at troo built around a purpose and mission about transforming the way businesses procure their energy. We are turning the regular energy market on its head; it is a bold vision.

Our view is that businesses need a reliable and transparent partner to help them source the fair energy deals. We will do that with them. troo has the built-in expertise and capacity to support them and we have the supplier relationships to access great prices.

At troo, we don’t hide any commission in the rates we provide, which is fundamentally different to the way many brokers operate in this unregulated market. But, equally, there is a huge swathe of businesses that either roll over their energy costs or try to do it themselves. But that can take time!

troo can save you money, time and hassle, and we openly declare up-front how much we make from helping you, a modest single, set-fee rate, depending on the amount of energy consumption and amount of meters.

That’s it; it’s a simple model, but totally transformational.

More than 1300 customers have access to these benefits now and that figure is growing. We’d love to help you too.

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