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March 5, 2020

Meet Nevil Tynemouth and Mike Lever from New Results. With a combined 60 years’ experience in sales and training, a published book, Sales Success on LinkedIn, and as the first and only NorthEast training company to win the coveted British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award for Sales Trainer of the Year, the team at New Results are experts in helping individuals and SMEs/businesses with their training and professional development objectives. Here the pair reveal more about their service

Who is New Results?

Nevil: New Results is a business focused on helping individuals, teams and companies identify, win and retain more clients and customers. We do this by offering a mix of strategy support, speaking, consultancy, workshops, coaching, face-to-face training and now through our new online courses in Networking for Professionals and LinkedIn for Professionals.

Who will benefit from your online courses?

Nevil: Our range of online training courses are perfect for individuals looking to improve their knowledge base and our licensed training materials are ideal for training teams in large professional services organisations. In reality, they are for anyone who wants to take an effective and professional approach to their business development and sales. Mike: Whether you’re an individual wanting to achieve a specific goal or an SME who wishes to invest in your employees to aid business growth, we want to make sure that anyone who goes through our training really understands how they can apply it to their job role for immediate impact.

Why online training courses?

Mike: To create the best learning experience. Our courses offer flexibility through being accessible at a time that suits the trainee; they can be completed in stages on any device. We offer learners a blend of interactive and engaging material through video, text, surveys, quizzes and downloads. You can also combine online courses with one to one coaching; one of our customers completed the online courses, followed by the training whereby they explored the material in greater depth and asked any questions.

Nevil: I have used online courses previously and some were painful to use – unfriendly and a challenge to finish. We want to give our customers a more enjoyable and expert experience; we offer emails of support and tips to help users on their journey. There is also a discussion forum for each course and topic so people can share ideas and ask questions to their peers and to our expert team.

How can your courses add value?

Mike: Top talent wants to stay top. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 94 per cent of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Yes, having a tennis table and a pizza night is good for some, but boosting their career opportunity through an increased skillset is a bigger motivator to stay. And, if this can be done at a time that suits them, then all the better. We’ve had feedback from FTSE companies that have said that they like the fact they can buy the content and share it across the company through their own Learning Management System (LMS). And for our SME clients, they like the fact that they can access the content, simply paying for the course(s) that’s most appropriate at that time for each colleague.

New Results
For more information about New Results online training courses, please contact 0800 030 4323 or email hello@newresults.co.uk

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