Unlocking hidden value in your software IP

December 7, 2018

How Close Brothers Technology Services is working with companies to realise their Intellectual Property potential

Raising capital against software intellectual property (IP) is becoming an increasingly popular and innovative way for companies to raise funding for further investment and release cash back into the business.

As specialists in this field, Close Brothers Technology Services has been working with companies to unlock their intellectual property potential for several years now.

Craig Smith, relationship director at Close Brothers Technology Services, says: “Many businesses have yet to realise the value that their software intellectual property holds. Equally, many mainstream funders don’t understand this area sufficiently to provide appropriate and affordable facilities.”

How it works: to help businesses identify the value of IP, Close Brothers Technology Services has developed a seven-step software funding product that sees capital released back into a business at the end of the process (see diagram).


The benefits are many and multiple, including:

  • Valuable release of capital back into your business to either invest elsewhere in the business or to invest in additional development of your software
  • Ownership of IPR stays under the control of the business
  • Ability to flex the amount lent against the IPR
  • No need for you to release equity in your business to raise capital

Client Focus: CPG Logistics is a long- established privately owned company that has provided logistics services since 1978. Today, the company is recognised as one
of the UK’s leading solution providers for specialist logistics services and supply chain management.

Challenge: the company has developed Medisa, a standalone online system for the healthcare industry and were keen to further invest in its development. CPG’s management team wanted to finance the software intellectual property for Medisa following previous success with a different product, Pharmisa.

Solution: after meeting Close Brothers Technology Services, the team at CPG agreed a £400,000, 60-month Software Intellectual Property Rights secured loan to finance the development of the Medisa software catalogue and to further develop enhancements, increasing functionality and the ability to service new products, including veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Results: Close Brothers Technology Services’ Software Intellectual Property funding has proved to be a solution that has enabled CPG to release cash from development costs and the management team is confident the investments they are making will increase sales revenues, further locking their clients into an industry- leading solution.

Close Brothers Technology Services
To find out more about Close Brothers Technology Services contact Craig Smith on 07711 191346 or craig.r.smith@closebrotherstechnology.co.uk