Vertem: A marketing success

July 18, 2019

Vinay Bedi, principal investment consultant at Vertem, reveals how a successful marketing campaign has brought the Jesmond-based stockbroker to the attention of North East investors

Vertem’s commitment to providing high-quality, unique stockbroking services has proved highly successful since its formation in 2010, but the company has remained relatively unknown among investors. Keen to remedy this, Vertem began developing a marketing strategy in late 2017.

To help, advertising agency Martin Tait Redheads was recruited and it was decided to start with a focus on branding before explaining the unique investment offering the company provides investors.

The team at Vertem has significant experience in the industry and people looking to invest their money, whatever the size of funds, don’t tend to respond to a single advertisement. Successful companies commit to campaigns. Therefore, a concerted marketing campaign was prepared for launch in January 2018.

The two main campaign objectives were to deliver Vertem’s name in front of the target audience (North East investors to start with), and to then introduce them to Vertem’s unique offering then.

A tagline: ‘Vertem – very different stockbrokers’ was created, and a campaign of eye-catching adverts launched.

The result has been that more people from the North East are now contacting Vertem than ever before. And what’s the question they ask most often? ‘Why is Vertem different?’ Precisely what the campaign set out to achieve.

For years it has been so difficult to differentiate between one investment house and another. By creating his in-house research team based in Newcastle and focusing on a single office approach, John Dance, Vertem’s founder, went back to investment basics. Produce the best quality research into investment opportunities, but, pick stocks, shares and funds based on a proprietary analytical technique, i.e. it is ‘unique’.

Vertem invests client’s money into the best ideas, best concepts and best value as identified by its own analysts and research. It does not copy or

follow others. Vertem does not curry favour with the large, ‘flavour-of-the-month’, fund managers or houses. Vertem does not ignore great ideas because of their size. Vertem listens to its clients and even listens to their ideas.

The Vertem marketing effort continues but more North East investors are now noticing Vertem – a stockbroker that prides itself on being different.


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