Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Water, water… everywhere!

March 1, 2016

North East Times’ health and fitness correspondent Katie Bulmer-Cooke shares her ten tips for keeping hydrated

We all know we should be drinking more water. It helps keep us alert and healthy and contributes to the optimum function of our cells. But, with a hectic diary packed with meetings (most of which are fuelled by coffee and tea) and endless deadlines to meet in the workplace, how do we ensure that we drink enough and don’t neglect our hydration levels?
To help you hit optimum hydration, here are my top strategies:

1. If you must have a coffee, tea or fizzy drink, try drinking two large glasses of water before you do.

2. Have a glass of water or at least a mouthful every time you do something transitional, such as leaving your desk, going to the printer, putting the phone down or sending an email.

3. Take a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. Pop it in your handbag or briefcase so that you never have to go thirsty.

4. Keep your water interesting so that you don’t get bored – by adding sliced lemon, lime, strawberries or fresh mint.

5. If you must drink a sugary fresh fruit juice such as apple or orange, just fill your glass halfway up and then top it up with water.

6. Take a two-litre bottle of water to work with you and aim to drink it all by the time you clock out. Leaving it on your desk will reduce time away from working and will be a constant reminder to drink it.

7. Drink two full glasses of water with each meal, one before and one after. You can try the same thing when snacking too, but with one glass instead of two. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you’re actually thirsty and a little dehydrated.

8. Put reminders in your phone calendar. Every three hours would be great, and you’ll remember throughout the day rather than remembering at night and trying to play catch up all at once.

9. Water doesn’t always have to be cold. Drinking hot water and lemon is a fantastic option on cold days, as is trying a fruit, herbal or green tea.

10. Try downloading one of the many great, free apps available for your smart phone that encourage and remind you to drink more. My personal favourite is the Drink Water app, which not only reminds you to drink, it also allows you to track your daily water consumption.

Ultimately, everyone is different and some strategies will be more effective for some than others, so pick the ones that suit you and your work routine best and give them a try; you’ve got nothing to lose and better health and performance to gain.


Katie Bulmer-Cooke is an award-winning health and fitness entrepreneur, consultant and speaker (contact michael@usb-uk.com)