Websand: Connecting people

June 4, 2019

Saul Gowens, co-founder of marketing automation platform Websand, reflects on the changing ways businesses engage with their customers

Pop quiz. What do newspaper adverts, television spots and bus shelter posters have in common? They’re all forms of advertising.

But they’re also all monologues. They don’t talk with their customers; they talk at them. That was fine before the internet. People had fewer demands on their time and fewer places to spend money.

But not anymore. 21st-century marketing is a dialogue. It means talking to your customers and getting to know them. Knowing them better lets you serve them more effectively, which results in more sales for you. You can also create more bespoke products or services for your customer base.

It’s the ‘circle of life’ in business form.

Customers have so many places to spend their money and they tend to spend it with companies that take an interest in them. Those who generate loyalty and trust through excellent service, super products, and sharing content they want to read.

So, what’s the difference between monologue advertising and dialogue marketing? Connection. It’s what binds our species together.

Sure, you can use social media to connect with your customers, but can you bond with your audience over cat memes and Game of Thrones GIFs? The ‘here-today-gone-in-five-minutes’ nature of social media turns these connections into fast-food marketing. Nice at the time, but instantly forgettable. And unsatisfying in the long term.

But email marketing? That’s like a hearty dinner that fills you up and provides all the goodness your body needs.

Ignore the doubters who say email is dead; it’s very much alive. Experts expect active email accounts to reach 5.6 billion this year1, while 99 per cent of consumers check their inbox daily. People don’t just need to use email; they actively want to use it.
Here’s where Websand comes in. Our team believes your customers are also your partners – and you’d never send a partner something they didn’t want. We give you the tools to only send targeted messages, customers the right emails at the right time for them.

You’ll never sit in front of a blank template, wondering what to write. Forget about sending a broadcast to your entire list, watching the mounting unsubscribes. Instead, you’ll put your customers first. Work out what they need and when they need to get it.

Is it a last-minute packing checklist before a holiday? A product refill reminder? Or a series of tutorials to make using your product a doddle? Set up triggers so they only get these emails when they need them, which means they’ll open them and act on them. Think more sales, more bookings, more sign-ups.

Ask yourself – what makes a better connection; a random un-targeted email blast, sent because it’s the end of the month and you haven’t sent an email yet, or an email that lands in your customer’s inbox right, when they need it?

Your customers will open emails they need. They’ll thank you for sending them. What better connection can you make than gratitude?

I also realise the irony of starting a conversation using an editorial – so I invite you to get in touch with Websand for more information.

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