What happens when you start with why?

March 5, 2020

When business transformation and customer experience experts Status Digital rebranded as Qrious in January 2020, the new name gave a very deliberate nod to their direction of travel

A portmanteau of the words question and curious – like an inquisitive child, enthralled with the world around them – the people at Qrious ask ‘why’ more than most.

The firm, established in 2011, helps ambitious businesses to better understand their customers, so they can design innovative services and digital products that deliver transformative and lasting business improvements.

And asking ‘why’, questioning perceived norms, getting under the skin of problems and accepting that the answers may not always come easily, are part of the firm’s DNA.

By being continually curious, they’re able to provide their customers with the very best solutions.

With the rebrand came an exercise in focusing on their own reason for being.

Roxanne Tuck, business manager, explains: “We’ve been doing a lot of work establishing our own ‘why’ – distilling down our sense of purpose; why we get up, why we exist and why we do what we do.

“Over time, we focused upon a clear statement of intent. Essentially, we create ambitious experiences that simplify lives and improve the state of the world.

Roxanne continues: “Often, businesses make the mistake of jumping quickly into problem-solving mode when difficult situations arise. Problems can feel painful, and there’s a desire to sort them out quickly just to make them go away.

“It’s the natural instinct, but by rushing towards a quick fix, the root cause of the problem, more often than not, can be missed.”

Increasingly, Qrious are working with organisations and individuals that come to them with a business-related problem and are looking for an innovative solution.

“For us, it’s not about pre-supposing what the answer to a complex business problem is,” says Roxanne, “there could be several different solutions.

“So we’ll work closely with businesses, asking why, challenging assumptions and mindsets, test theories, develop hypothesis and design processes to resolve the issue.

“We don’t start with tech; we start with ‘why’.” Home Group is one organisation keen to share the Qrious ethos, fostering a culture of innovation that permeates through its people and customers.

Kathryn Blight, Qrious programme director, says: “We work with companies like Home Group who seek to improve customers’ experiences on an ongoing basis.

“We’ve recognised there isn’t always one solution or a quick fix, and that our evidence-based decisions have led us to provide the best solutions.

“Working together, we’ve talked to their customers across the UK, with one of our dedicated UX researchers conducting qualitative interviews to create user experience maps containing rich, highly personal insights into Home Group’s customer relationships and their experiences.

“All of this conversation started with ‘why’.”

Roxanne continues: “One thing we can be sure of is that the rapid pace of digital and technological change isn’t slowing down, and to stay ahead, businesses have to stay relevant, and importantly for us, need to be curious about the world.

“Outside of the obvious business imperative, the reasons why a business has a problem aren’t always clear at first glance, and that’s what keeps things interesting.”


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