What I’ve learnt: Bill Lynn

September 8, 2016

Regardless of how talented you are, there is no substitute for hard work.

Be straight, fair and reliable and give the right advice to clients regardless of what that would mean to you financially.

You must be able to make the hard decisions no matter how unpalatable they can sometimes be. React decisively when called upon to do so.

Turnover is for vanity and profit is for sanity.

Do your research carefully when starting a business. Consult the right people and make sure you have the capital behind you before you start.

Do not get complacent and know when the time is right to bow out.

Different staff need different stimuli but I think it is important that they should always know that you will support them through thick and thin.

Having the right team around you is key. I have been lucky to have had very able business partners around me over the last 36 years, and also a range of other contacts that I have developed both inside and outside of the profession.

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Bill Lynn
Lambert Smith Hampton
0191 338 8294

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