What I’ve Learnt: Janine Marshall

October 2, 2020

Janine Marshall leads the education and STEM team at RTC North. With over 25 years’ experience in the education, project and operations management, training and business arena, she is passionate about translating this to the educational environment and this is recognised in her current projects, which focus on bridging the gap between education and industry

Fully commit to the cause and always deliver above and beyond others’ expectations. As the first person in my family to attend university, I was always encouraged to believe that nothing is out of reach if you are willing to work for it, irrespective of what others perceive as your limitations. I very quickly realised that with hard work, commitment and the right people around you then anything is possible. With these fundamental building blocks in place, you can achieve and surpass your goals in business and in life.

Partnership and collaborative working are imperative. They support the development of a truly joined-up approach and an effective strategy that delivers real impact and results. On many occasions, while working on national programmes, the North East being hailed as an example of best practise because of our regional willingness to come together, develop a shared vision and work in a collaborative manner that drives real impact for our clients. This is a rarity in other parts of the UK and sets our region apart.

Have passion for your work and the determination to have a positive impact on your clients. Know your business, your sector or product. Understand it inside and out, and be an innovator and drive for continuous progression and development.

Take advantage of the tremendous access to regional support programmes available for your business. Whether you need support overcoming business barriers, help to future-proof your business or assistance to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing marketplace, there is a wealth of services if you know where to look and are quite creative in your approach. The STEM education team at RTC North is a delivery partner of one such support programme. The North East Ambition programme, brought to the region by the North East LEP, the STEM Ambassador Hub North East, the Edge Foundation and STEM Learning, helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engage effectively with educators and young people to influence careers, impact the curriculum and build industry- relevant skills in our schools and communities.

Utilise the skills, experience, ideas and commitment of your own team. Individuals in any business may have invaluable insights and innovative ideas for development and improved business performance. A workforce and team who regularly input into the business are motivated, invested and understand the business’ core values.

Create a nurturing and inclusive environment. I am passionate that everyone feels valued and able to input into the process, creating a very inclusive ethos. I also believe in leading by example and am always first to volunteer to be part of any new initiatives. As one of five, all-female, members in the team, I am passionate about promoting women in all areas of business and in particular in the STEM arena.

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