What I’ve Learnt: Jason Knights

May 1, 2018

Jason Knights is managing director of global branding agency Blue Kangaroo Design. The Gateshead-based company works with clients across Europe, North America, the Middle East as well as Australia, including some of the most well-known names in the toy, entertainment and licensing industry such as Pixar, Warner Bros, The Walt Disney Company, Hasbro and Universal Studios. Jason is also an export ambassador (Northern Powerhouse) for the Department for International Trade

Build a team that’s better than you and don’t be afraid to fail.  My business mentor, Keith Whisson at Shiremoor Press, told me this when I was setting up Blue Kangaroo.

Be honest and over deliver. This has always been our company’s ethos and it has served us well. We are in a very competitive market place with some very talented competitors. The team and I have to go the extra mile every day and this is why we work with the high profile clients we do.

Be agile. You should have the ability to change direction at a moment’s notice, you never know what opportunities you may get at the last second.

Surround yourself with good people. In business, you can’t do everything yourself; learn to delegate and trust people.

Don’t take things for granted. You should always be looking for future business growth.


Make sure you know your market and your target audience when starting out.


Find a good mentor who isn’t in your industry. I’ve found that the majority of companies face the same issues, so an honest, trustworthy mentor is invaluable. I’ve been working with John Doolan at the Department for International Trade a lot recently. Our business now exports over 75 per cent of our work – so learning about new markets and opportunities is a must.

A happy working environment is key to success. My team are working with some of the biggest brands in our industry. I make sure the team are included in the day-to-day running of all of our projects so that they have a sense of ownership.


Listening is one of the best qualities that you can have when running a business.


Blue Kangaroo Design

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