What’s in a name? 

March 4, 2018

Health and fitness expert Katie Bulmer-Cooke reflects on emerging brands making an impact on an ultra-competitive industry

In keeping with this edition’s theme of branding, it seems fitting to discuss the vast array of brands that have entered – and in some cases dominated – the fitness industry in recent years.

Every year, at the big UK fitness conventions, new brands launch into the world of exercise in a bid to get more instructors delivering their programmes in as many fitness facilities as possible, in order to get the maximum number of fitness enthusiasts taking part in their classes.

With programmes ranging from dance-based classes to those inspired by martial arts and everything in between, there is no doubt that there is a healthy selection on offer.

As a fitness consumer in an extremely fast-moving industry, it can be difficult to decide which fitness classes to try and, most importantly, which are here to stay and which are simply fitness fads.

To help you get the best workout, here are my top recommendations for branded fitness classes.

Les Mills 

You don’t need to be a fitness enthusiast to have heard of the series of programmes that include classes such as Body Pump and Body Combat. Les Mills is a global group fitness brand and their classes feature on many UK studio timetables. By taking part in a Les Mills class you can be sure you’ll receive a great workout, whether it’s in their mind body class Body Balance or resistance training class Body Pump. My personal favourites are Sh’Bam, the dance-based class, and their high intensity GRIT class.


You will, no doubt, have seen a wide range of names for boxing fitness classes but the original and, in my opinion, the best is Boxercise. Trainers delivering Boxercise classes have been well educated and trained by the Boxercise brand to coach boxing-based fitness in a safe and very effective manner. I know this because I’ve passed its course and it is extremely detailed and well taught.

The brand has been around for as long as I can remember and continues to be as popular as ever.


If, like me, you are a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing, then this class is an absolute must. It was created by former Strictly professional dancers, so you know the quality of the content is going to be top notch. This class takes all of the classic Strictly dances, such as the Jive and the Waltz, and puts them together into a fun and easy-to-follow class with brilliant music, and the best part is you don’t need a partner.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke UK
Personal Trainer of the Year 2012 & UK Fitness Professional of the Year 2013.
Entrepreneur/Consultant/Speaker/ Bookings: michael@usb-uk.com

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