Winning team takes shape as GiveToLocal expansion gathers pace

November 8, 2020

Innovative community sport service GiveToLocal grows corporate relations team in line with increased interest in game-changing regional and national partnerships.


Sporting success is synonymous with a strong team ethic. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that GiveToLocal is assembling a focused group of like-minded individuals capable of transforming the community sport landscape.

“Most of us here follow sport fanatically,” admits head of corporate relations, David Broom. “I play sport, coach sport and would watch it 24/7 given half a chance!

“Anyone who’s been in and around sport for any length of time identifies certain qualities that are common to sustained success.

“Strong leadership, dedicated support, drive and ambition are things we all recognise as being central to winning.

“But at the heart of it all is a strong team pushing in the same direction.

“That’s what we’re trying to create at GiveToLocal. From top to bottom we work together, as a team, with one overall aim — to create a successful and sustainable future for community sport.”

GiveToLocal is fast approaching its first anniversary and a bold mission to back sport, boost business and build networks is taking shape.

The North Tyneside-based national service aims to drive an additional £10 million a year towards community sport.

And GiveToLocal is now working with more than 55,000 teams across 15 sports in an effort to deliver lasting, positive change at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is threatening to undermine decades of tangible progress.

David joined the organisation earlier this year to lead the newly created corporate relations team. And the enthusiastic Scot is assembling a roster built to last.

“I’m in a very fortunate position where I’ve been assured that my team will grow in line with the organisation’s growth,” he adds.

“I’ve already taken on two new members of staff in the last three months and the expectation is that I’ll be overseeing a corporate relations team of 12 next year.

“James Rooney has just joined us as our corporate relations manager and we appointed Mel Bullock as key account executive in July.

“It feels like I’m building a strong core of committed professionals but this is just the start. I’m already scouting future members of the team!”

Glaswegian James joined GiveToLocal with a brief to onboard national partners to a business network capable of changing the face of community sport.

And the son of a former professional footballer can’t wait to kick off the next chapter of a career rooted in relationship management.

“I’m passionate about community sport and excited about the opportunity to make a difference with GiveToLocal,” says James.

“And when it comes to enabling positive change and creating a lasting legacy, I’m convinced that there’s no better place to be.

“There’s a lot of talk around organisations pivoting in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and taking a proactive approach in a challenging environment. GiveToLocal is doing exactly that.

“Community sport clubs need support more than ever and it’s an extremely challenging time for players, parents, coaches and volunteers.

“However, GiveToLocal has the enthusiasm, the expertise and the technology to help those clubs look forward to a brighter financial future.”

James, David and Mel are focused on building a network of corporate partners committed to supporting community sport.

It’s their common passion for sport that ensures a talented team stays focused and keeps its eye on the prize.

“As a team we work so well together,” adds Mel.

“It helps that we all recognise just how powerful community sport can be and I’m passionate about what we can achieve together.

“My nephew plays at the Newcastle Eagles basketball academy and being part of a team brings out the very best in him. Whenever he steps on court it’s like he’s a different person.

“I’m excited to be a part of an organisation which helps other young people flourish in similar environments across the UK.”

Mel joined GiveToLocal following a successful stint in recruitment and the move into corporate relationship management has helped hone a developing skillset.

“As a recruitment consultant I learnt the value of building relationships and nurturing networks,” she adds.

“Establishing a level of trust and reliability cuts across both sectors and I’ve been able to bring both to my new role.

“I’m tasked with talking to national corporates who share GiveToLocal’s belief that sport has the power to do good.

“I love explaining the concept behind what we do and the feedback is always hugely positive.

“The GiveToLocal name is still relatively new but it’s becoming synonymous with supporting community sport and that’s something our corporate partners can relate to.”

David is delighted to have Mel as one of the first names on his GiveToLocal team sheet and feels she can excel in a demanding yet rewarding role.

“Mel has been thrown in at the deep end but she’s adapted just fine,” adds David.

“She has a great rapport with the corporate community and her passion for community sport is infectious.

“When you listen to Mel explain the concept behind GiveToLocal it’s impossible to feel anything other than 100 per cent enthusiasm.

“I’m fortunate to have James and Mel as part of my team and I’m looking forward to finding out what we can achieve together and how we can add to the corporate relations dynamic in the coming weeks and months.”

GiveToLocal’s national and regional partnership opportunities offer corporates the chance to align themselves with a proven service that can positively impact upon community sport clubs across the UK.

And James is perfectly placed to underline the value of those partnerships.

“I come from a working-class background in Glasgow and my dream was to play golf professionally,” he adds.

“The support I received from the local community and grassroots sport organisations enabled me to pursue that dream and achieve a golf scholarship in America.

“I am a product of community sport and an example of the positive effect it can have on young people. Now I have a chance to give something back by applying my experience in a unique organisation that has the ability to have a huge impact on so many people.”

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