Your basic fitness investment

July 17, 2018

Exercise and nutrition expert, Katie Bulmer-Cooke, reveals what you should spend your hard-earned cash on to reach your health and fitness goals

Many people spend a portion of their monthly disposable income trying to become fitter or healthier, whether that be with a focus on exercise, nutrition or both.

But as the health and fitness industry continues to grow and evolve at lightning speed, it can be difficult to know where to spend your hard-earned cash for the best outcome.

With so much choice and conflicting information, in this edition of my column I’m going to share the areas of the health and fitness industry that are best to invest in.

First up, it’s expert advice and good coaching. When you want a good haircut, you don’t reach for the basin and a pair of scissors and try and make it work yourself…so why would you treat your health and fitness in this way?

Working with a personal trainer, pilates teacher or group fitness instructor will undoubtedly get you to your goal faster than going it alone. A good coach won’t just motivate you, they will educate you and help you gain the tools you need to make long-term lifestyle changes; most importantly, they will tailor a programme to meet your needs.

Next up, it’s good food and solid nutritional advice. There are so many fad diets and quick fixes out there, but the bottom line is you have to consume fewer calories than you expend to create a calorie deficit in order to reduce body fat percentage.

Doing that from scratch, on your own, can prove very difficult, so investing in a nutritionist, food/life coach can really help get you on track, eating quality food and making choices that don’t leave you starving and constantly ‘yo yo-ing’.

Finally, it’s the right kit. Whether you’re taking up walking, swimming, the gym or any other form of exercise, it’s important that you invest in getting good quality trainers and activewear, for example, that are fit for purpose and suited to your body.

Making the right selection early on in your health and fitness journey can help reduce the risk of injury and the more comfortable you feel in your activities, the more likely you are to continue.

Get these three areas right and you’ll be off to a winning start. Of course, in time, there will be other items, education and other areas that will prove to be good investments in terms of your health and fitness, but it’s important to get the basics right from the start.

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