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Our commitment to independent journalism

When we relaunched North East Times Magazine with a new direction last November, the publication – naturally – underwent numerous changes.

However, one factor that has remained constant is our commitment to credible, long-form and trusted journalism, which blends independent articles with commercially-supported content.

But what do those terms actually mean, and what goes into their creation?

The first thing to note are the terms ‘independent’ and ‘advertising’.

Independent coverage means articles that are free of commercial support.

Demarcated throughout a magazine by the ‘feature’ folio at the top of their respective pages, as well as the ‘Guest contributor’, ‘Opinion’ references, these provide editorial freedom to cover the entire spectrum of the region’s business landscape.

Essentially, our independent coverage allows us to report flexibly and proactively on the latest topics and trends making the headlines, both locally and nationally, through traditional longer form journalism.

Critical to it are ‘reports’, which use the findings of a study or the headline-grabbing points of a news story as a foundation stone to analyse a subject in detail and build a fresh, investigative piece that informs and educates.

Linked to those ‘reports’ are our interview features.

They typify what I was talking about previously, in terms of listening to a story and building a much larger and broader narrative.

Supported commercially by our valued partners and supporters, ‘advertising features’ highlight the successes and achievements of organisations of all sizes – from SMEs to multi-nationals – while increasing their business-to-business exposure and networking connections.

Again written in longer form, by clients or our editorial team, and in many cases featuring our photography provision, they spotlight in detail businesses’ expertise, insight and projects, and key individuals in the North East business community.

Advertising features – defined just like independent pieces at the top of their respective pages – create a unique opportunity for an advertiser to target their marketplace with impactful coverage, including industry leaders and decision-makers.

I hope that provides a flavour of our editorial approach and production framework, but I’d be delighted to discuss further if you are keen to learn more.

In the meantime, thank you for supporting North East Times Magazine.

Steven Hugill,
[email protected]